Incarnations of Seven

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This blog is a tool for communication with regards to my books and other public activities. My Platform is to always be "thought-provoking", for an individual experierence unique to the reader.

The synopsis is yet to be written for this book, but this is a bit of the introduction...

Now how do you say, protection for that which is given, of the divine? Can these codes of words always reveal truth, to be found by the true seeker? Now a circle we must travel, for every mindful flow has its symmetry, its formulas, and its completeness. From this we complete a process, which mentally projects, then manifests, expresses, learns, and returns. The key is to know the combination of your individual design, the essence you leave, with each memory of old.


Now truly to orchestrate and conduct, must be done till your creation is complete. This will make for your divinity of expanded beauty, to reflect back again, from where you once began. Now take the pieces and create this here work, to give a Mandela of your own, so the lotus you do bloom will now be the flower in your fountain. For this lotus will begin to fill the ponds of individual’s mansions, from where your origin was recorded, for that which now will ring true?


The present piece of a puzzle you now see, is asking to descend to the image from afar, which will start this chart of a process, to finally score, so that it can close that which we did originally know. So with this writing there will be an out-of-body cosmic view from afar, to stand at the universe’s creation, and gaze at the entire canvas in realizing the profoundness of life’s work. As we review my lives, fiction or true (for this is not the key you see), but to connect the symmetry of likeness, to that of our planet, to the historic crystal skulls of old, to the realms from up above, will bring the mind to full capacity in the shift of one’s intuitive eye. This is an exercise of learning to see, from the years we have been blind. Now as your lotus flower, Mandela of creative power unfolds, as does mine, jot down that which you desire to see, and soon there will be a revelation that will allow you just to be.

Synopsis: Incarnations of Seven


This story takes place from “whole” to “part”, with regards to modalities, using a bit of imagination combined with reality of the present, to paint a picture of my “being-of-self”. Use of many lives with their numerous dimensions, takes place in earth’s illusion of time. These different births into earth of my unique being for each life, occurs in stages of three. The “go-betweens”, and back down again, eventually return me to my heavenly home to decide the next incarnation. Basically, this is an effort to encompass all that we really are, but with focus in dividing our selves into different incarnations to experience the many variances of being human. For sometimes in this land of dimensions, we fail to see outside of our existence in the physical, to remember who, and what, we really are. Hopefully using myself in every way I could imagine, it will give each reader a unique experience of who, and what, they really are in all their various lives over various times, then remember their heavenly home and what may have been agreed upon in discovering their god-of-selves. This should really be fun, as well as magnificent for the mind that takes the time to imagine limitless possibilities that make each of us divine.


Summary of, Incarnations of Seven:


There is a circle one must travel in order to really see all that they are to be. As your own flower does bloom, it will begin to fill up your pond at your heavenly mansion. The key is not really each of our lives, but the ability to form the various incarnations to see our connection to that which is above, to that which is earth bound, and to the soul where at the core is really where we will be able to open all of our doors. So this writing is an exercise in learning to view thru our intuitive eye. Hopefully a “light-bulb-moment” will occur in knowing our creative power really does abound. Chapter one, seventh incarnation, moves backward from my most recent life, descending, till this book ends at my first incarnation. Similar to a lightening strike, this is where we begin in knowing the present is where we are experiencing life in its fullest, just as we will do in the previous lives to follow. I do bring in a short, “non-fiction” biography of my life in this incarnation, from sibling dynamics, to both of my marriages, to finally back to a fictional projection of my “Golden years” that are still to come. Sixth incarnation I speak of being of Indian descent, while living on a reserve in India, protecting and raising elephants with my childhood sweetheart, to eventual husband. This life does seem to bridge the previous incarnations, to my now existence. Fifth incarnation, I find myself once again, with my same mate from the previous life, only this time we are somewhere in Europe. We are able to study at the finest schools, to evolve our knowingness, not to have any of the uncertainties that were so traumatic in previous lives. For with this life, we are sheltered and loved in order to nurture that which we will be able to use again. During this life we are able to rest in having healings and ample shelter from previous lives, which had been very difficult. For with each incarnation, the journey is mapped out with heavenly council, for a greater purpose to realize our true magnificence. Now with the fourth incarnation, this was a life carved out on a Tahitian Island. Here the start was rough, and the end was even more difficult, but the “in-between”, with my husband and daughter, were a very special time, never to be forgotten in any incarnation to follow. With the third life, I lived on a ship at sea, with my dog. Here I lived to be very old, with great knowledge from previous continents that I was to share with the world. This vast knowledge was from worlds that were now under the ocean; Atlantis presumably, was the origin to be passed onto the surviving continents. With my second incarnation, I escaped Mu as it went down, taking my crystal skull of knowledge with me. Here I was to meet my Mayan grandma in this new land that would become my new home. My classroom continued at a very young age, so that the secrets of old would eventually be retold. The first incarnation takes place during the time of Atlantis, where we understood the earth’s core, in relation to our own, and how to travel in our intuitive eye, from the heavens above, and back down to the ground, until we could return to our heavenly home.


To look at these pictures of my various lives, was the journey needed to connect me to my entire being-of-self. For with these multiple variances, life allowed me to see my own unique complexities. From children, to loved ones, to differing accomplishments, is what this classroom is all about in helping us remember our god-of-selves.     



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