A Unique Window Into the Soul’s Understanding of Reality


The purpose of this book is to inspire and cause deep thought into questioning who we really are inside. With the use of a holistic approach in bringing together both philosophies of the east, and the west, will hopefully manifest the reader’s subliminal thoughts of layered mind recordings, to recognition of the mind to the surface. The intent is to create a cohesive effort of harmony in seeing all layers of our being at once.
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This blog is a tool for communication with regards to my books and other public activities. My Platform is to always be "thought-provoking", for an individual experierence unique to the reader.


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The Current Synopsis:

A Unique Window Into the Soul’s Understanding of Reality will fit well with such titles as, Barry Long’s, The Origins of Man and Universe, and Tom Johnson’s, You are Always Your Own Experience! in that mine, as well as these, use spiritual, philosophic, and factual mind dialogues to inspire and cause deep thought into questioning who we really are deep inside. My book differs in that it uniquely brings in masters of old like Shakespeare, and techniques for clearing chakras, that neither of these books presents. I believe my story will add another dimension to spiritual/philosophical readings so popular today. 


These Essay Collections of mind meditations, A Unique Window Into the Soul’s Understanding of Reality, is both philosophical and spiritual. These types of writings, have taken on popular demand with regards to the New Age Movement. People are searching for more of an Eastern nature in that it is holistic in meeting ones needs. I believe my essays takes on this approach, in that it brings subliminal thoughts of each reader to a new individual recognition of themselves. This creative purging of layered recognitions of the mind is an orchestrated presentation using mythology, divine spirits, nature, and masters of old to create a cohesive effort of harmony in seeing all layers of our being at once. This is an ideal time for this book to be published and distributed for public purchase in that interest in spiritual/philosophical-New Age, is now reaching its highest peek. This book embraces all of this.


In my book, A Unique Window Into the Soul’s Understanding of Reality, it starts out with basic questions of our mind with regards to family, work, direction, and purpose for our lives.  It uses examples of various interactions in life, with regards to death, health, and spiritual renewal to ponder a new reality that goes deeper than our initial deciphering of life. The book later brings in masters like Shakespeare, mythological figures, deities, and chakra clearing to help the reader experience philosophical reasoning in opening the mind, as well as the spine, in letting their energy source/kundilini ignite to new heights of enlightment. This will engage even the most uninformed reader of metaphysics to understand and enjoy the heartfelt intent of this presentation.


The following is a short summary of each dialogue in Volume I;


Mind Dialogue I is covering the relative chemistry of one’s own atoms in relation to the minds gyration of emotion.  It takes the reader to a place deep within the soul, that seems a bit strange and solace, but reminds the reader that as with the blackness between the stars, so is our deepest of selves. To return to the place only the individual can discover within, is a bit of a gamble with sanity, but to reach true enlightment, thus freedom, this task must be mastered and understood with this a blissful reward that brings us home, to our heavenly origins. This is the process our great masters have traveled. To find peace in solace, to clear away the chatter, this creates a master at every level. The reader will engage their own mind’s activity with their dialogue in the sharing of common understandings we all encounter. Mind Dialogue II takes the reader into thought of seeing actual physical places and deciphers what was really observed.  Family members behaving poorly, wild neighborhoods only are revealing the reality of a burned out existence that really never held any of life’s glitter.  The reader is also encouraged to ponder the idea of a soul mate. Is this soul mate in actuality the person themselves? What is the consequence of never connecting with this mate? What is held for those that do? Life is referenced to a learning process that never stops. Negative vs. positive, good vs. bad, these are really just places of existence, to become a true master is to learn this and take emotion out of the equation. This way the learner can become the master by understanding the laws of the universe. There is also a reference with regards to the various states of an individual’s, ego, child, and parent, and how these parts need balance. Finding the perfect key per soul in life is truly worth the effort in manifesting exceptional quality of one’s own being. Mind Dialogue III takes the reader to an understanding that the “ruling class” scenario is on the decline in this “new age” society. This paradigm shift spoken of by the Mayans, is the end of the class, for soon each will know and remember their own tools to rule themselves. Now within this mind dialogue is a fictitious story of a little girl named Aihleen who is a blessing to her parents. She is really their teacher of this incarnation of this family’s existence. She is their daughter, a sickly little one, who passes at a young age, but is likened to that of an angel, in that she has a level of spiritual understanding that is far beyond her years. Many times it is the kids that are our teachers. This little one was sickly, but provided such love and insight to her parents, that they never wasted a moment in self pity. She taught them to experience life in the spirit realm, to appreciate nature, especially with regards to butterflies. The father and daughter had a very special bond indeed. She was his life. She could see things in the spirit world and would share this with her parents. This family lived for each other, but when the little girl died at a young age, their world fell apart. The husband lost all interest in his family, and eventually never returned. The wife existed alone until her final days.


The following is a short summary of each dialogue in Volume II;


Mind Dialogue I reawakens the revelation of ones own power. We are like suns unto ourselves, igniting and creating our own systems of structure. What we create revolves around us, as does the planets around the sun. As above so below is so very true. Master your inner self, and then you have the ability to command your universe. This is the reality of our power. The shifting of our mind is a bit painful in letting go of the old and bringing in something that seems at first glance, out of reality. The universe is really in charge here, and says it is time to shift to an elevated state of remembrance, to mature in an instant, to be responsible for all past, present, and future in one knowing of selves. Yes, it is O.K. to smile and laugh at seeing ourselves and others in a new light, a more forgiving of light. We now have understanding, since all veils are lifted. Now we are likened to a computer where the universe is asking us if we are up for the task of clearing and reloading our drive, with the new information that is now available to be placed inside. Mind Dialogue II looks at relinquishing ourselves with our soul mate, even if our levels are so far removed they no longer recognize one another. The mind bantering continues in asking why all of this is necessary. Is it a cruel joke, or just another level of discovery within our classroom of life? The end of this chapter brings light to Shakespeare’s plays in that we are just playing scenes in hopes of enjoying the box office hit. This may be true for some, but others a flop in this classroom of life. Mind Dialogue III starts to take a peek into a heaven on earth, a place where there is health care for all, love for all; basically enough of everything for everyone on the planet to freely be distributed. This question/statement is made, “is this really real, pinch me”. It also shows what fun it can be to master a craft, and be noted as a master. Such was the case with Shakespeare and Chaucer. In their gyrations of comedic parity, and poetry, they mirrored our dilemmas in creative ways. This chapter asks that one get the hang of this same technique, and have fun with their life. Mind Dialogue IV talks about our real reason of needing karmic debris released, most instantly as is possible. The various incarnations, the labels we place on ourselves, such as dyslexia, many times the individual is experiencing a culture much different from a previous incarnation, thus causing the confusion. This can be an individual’s challenge from deep inside. Mind Dialogue V asks the reader to bring up the nightmares still left inside, own it, and dispel it for all time.  There we take a journey to what is our place, our life that is meant to be. Sacred Revelations is another short story of an incarnation similar to Aihleen. There is this couple from an earlier lifetime, which comes to resolve their karmic debris, in this particular lifetime. Indian elephants were their responsibility to protect and guard from poachers of a very corrupt government. Sadly, the couple, the elephants, and all the family were annihilate so the elephant parts could be sold on the black market. These elephants became one of their deities in another incarnation. So the message here is, if you listen to your angels, act out the parts revealed, you’re sure to expose the blueprint your cells do hold. Mind Dialogue VI is the final chapter and starts to speak about celebrating this new way and new day that is upon us of enlightment. These masters of old like Shakespeare, have been revealing just this special time that is now upon us. These masters of old do hold the secrets of what will make us the perfect mold.


I believe this is a divine book that will be eternal in its popularity. This sort of writing has new meaning each time it is read, a perfect addition to any curriculum which call on its students to ponder life. Equally, this is wonderful for most any age to engage the mind in life’s purpose. This is a perfect time for this book to be available to the public in all languages for people of all countries since no one is excluded here.
First and Second phase of edits are just about complete. Ashley, at Tate has done a wonderful job!


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