A Beautiful Gift, The Place of Life

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This blog is a tool for communication with regards to my books and other public activities. My Platform is to always be "thought-provoking", for an individual experierence unique to the reader.

Synopsis for, A Beautiful Gift, the Place of Life



This writing is short, as are all my writings, but deep in this technique and style is the ability to take you to new levels of thought. Pause if reflection occurs during the reading, so the mind can take its time to remember that which the cells hold to be retold. So forget about your peers, uncompfortableness of fears, and let your heart, soul, and mind wake up from being blind. For to allow God’s light in, partake of something that is truly special for one’s spirit to know, is what the intent of this experience is once your mind does read these journaling’s of a divine kind.


Now the introduction asks you to look at yourself in relation to the cosmos of various planetary existences, also to see the agreed upon path in relation to your birth and family, that has now brought you back to this place once again. Astrology in science, a projected path, can lend itself to connect to us as strongly as the skies, in relation to the physic in calculating your electrical spell of magnetism from within the lucid, organic grid we do reside.




Chapter 1. Spiritual Psychic Realm. This chapter looks at accepting people of psychic ability vs. making them a side show. Let’s work together in developing and accepting this level of psychology for complete evolution of our being. Chapter 2. Cell Communication. Uses yourself as a guinea pig, figure out who you are and your purpose. Nothing less, nothing more this is all you’re here for, your “purpose”. Chapter 3.  Vibration Elevation. Now this chapter looks at the cell as does outer space in that the blackness of both is something that is engulfed by the sun or nucleus to ignite and bring us to a combustible atomic state. Chapter 4. Daily Processing. Each day as we start and go thru our day returning to our bed once again, is parallel to the eternal life”, and what our eventual tears do know. Simplicity, holographic place is what this all is in the reality of this illusion of time. Chapter 5. Shafts Found in Life. Rumors from previous energies are felt from the very rocks of graves that hold molecular resins of what our cells remember to heal all that we know. Chapter 6.  Your Life’s Scales. The levels of vibration of your intent will move cells. There is no denying what it is we do know when our soul moves the molecular shafts out of the way so our power can flow. Chapter 7. Life's Trials. There are points of expression or reserve, whatever it is you create from your nerves. For those all pass, calmness prevails, as we laugh, and go right back. Chapter 8. Moldevite Gemstones. This is an example of a remoteness that comes to each that is of an elevated molecular form. For to understand where, utilize crystallization with their superior quality, is to understand that our existence can be enhanced. Chapter 9. Turbulence in Life. To endure life, to not check out, is to really understand the evolved lessons that are to be experienced for those that show up and participate to complete what it is they have agreed to for their life’s date. Chapter 10. From Inside to the Outside. Now bring the knowingness of inside to the outside for a realization of a true place in this flow of what we all know. Chapter 11. Freedom to Experience One’s Own Thoughts. Empower with the flooding of knowledge to never succumb to ignorance, lack of understanding in what can be known and acted upon, for self empowerment is only a derivative needed to complete the individual’s flow. Chapter 12. A Higher Eye. The intuitive side, beyond the 6th sense, is our mirror from heaven’s realm to understand and see ourselves somehow. With this we can truly know these things that speak truth to the soul. Chapter 13. All Cost of Authority. To take a Master such as Jesus Christ and let him be the point to blast all that was imperfect from our past, is to realize that it should really be our core of what it is we do not want to store. Chapter 14. New Time. To be free is to realize that what we know is to be eventually shed so we can return to the soul’s home after we are dead. Chapter 15. Colors of Spring. To see beauty as in the freshness of spring is to understand our ability to renew the mind and always start a process to create a new masterpiece of some kind. Chapter 16. Learning to Be Unattached. If what we see is really an illusion, a temporary state, unattachment is key in coming back into reality. Chapter 17. Blueprint. Being familiar with our blueprint, our astrology within the cosmos of stars, is to know this blueprint; to truly be able to be unattached when the understanding of a greater force is realized is the hope of an evolved mind. Chapter 17. The Called Upon Path. Now to discover your cosmic blue print, to know what it was you and, the council agreed to is to finally start to align your mind with that which is divine. Chapter 18 A Holding Pattern. A groundedness, holding pattern if you will, within your agreed upon blueprint is key to completing that which is specifically designed for you to complete. Chapter 19. To This Be the Beauty before Me. Now to walk in bliss, to know all is fine, is to understand a perfect select group was what you did pull into place while you’re to learn something great. Chapter 20. Dedications. To see, love, understand our God is to dedicate your life to the very breath that gave you life. Chapter 21. Elevation, Allowable to Earth’s Game. Only the knowingness from inside can increase the cell that reside on the outside to move our world to a state of evolution for each body and mind. Chapter 22. Energy. Once the elevation begins, energy is soon to move in. Chapter 23. Natural Light. This comes from the nucleus of our sun/son to expand the brightness in making this effectual to each of our kin. Chapter 24. Dynamics of Your Skull. This is the computer to decipher that which this destiny needs to resolve. Chapter 25. Final Act. To reach a point of no return to Earth’s home is to go even higher, or for some maybe lower, for future molecular turns. Chapter 26. Evolved or Deranged. This is a twist, for some may be deranged and misguided in the mind. For some the peers may be the ignorant in comprehending the state of another’s being, but what ever the dynamics one things for sure, it’s between the individual and their God. Chapter 27. This is to Buck. A special remembering of a friend of a previous time, that he may have well been a Master that earth did let in?  Chapter 28. First Words Remembered. Now to look back in a time when life was new, recalling a friend on the beach, just us two. Is simple indeed as we made our mud pies, but now can see we had something divine. Chapter 29. Our Teacher, God’s Universe. This is a classroom of earth, not any other place in our universe. So stay grounded while here, look, learn and respond to the evolution of one’s own mind. For when the tests are finally passed, this is what pleases God that we have done our best. Chapter 30. Mum’s Special Gift to Us All. These are our extended selves giving all that is within their very self, so no judgment can ever be made of these special ladies that God did empower to be our endower. Chapter 31. Connecting. This is the necessity we all must do to become one in our own good time. To have the veils removed, see all in an instant is the fullest resonation of our very cell’s core from inside. Chapter 32. Self to Know. This is a full circle completed flow of ones’ life once they truly do know. Each player and the relationship to themselves will bring the mind back around to where it will return once again. Chapter 33. Paths of the Past. This too is what we need to do, remember, dig up, forgive, and set back into its proper place so the score of the highest level can be restored. Chapter 34. A Family in Love. To know that the connective siblings and such is what really completes us so much, is to create a quilt that this blueprint grid will reside in while it is still, as it flows with the lucid shimmer of our God’s golden flame, to be released in each family’s name. Chapter 35. Closing History. This is a short summary of my specific family’s history in understanding trials and tribulations that made us all unique to this life’s touch.            





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