Duk Gyoo Kim


My name is Duk Gyoo Kim. I am a PhD candidate in Economics at Cornell University. My primary fields are public and behavioral economics, and the secondary fields are microeconomic theory and experimental economics. 

My current research interests can be summarized by two keywords: 'voluntary cooperation' and 'unnecessary competition.'

I focus on situations where agents choose a sub-optimal resource allocation because of externalities induced by positional goods and status seeking, and/or time-inconsistent preferences. Behavioral anomalies in voluntary contributions, cooperation, winner-take-all competitions, preference matching, and identity choices have not been well predicted by standard models with self-interested agents. Optimal taxation literature has little taken into account those anomalies. I am developing game theoretical models which take those anomalies into account and am conducting laboratory experiments. My advisers are Robert H. Frank and Stephen Coate. William D. Schulze is my committee member. 

(October 10, 2014)

* I usually go by 'Duk,' with pronouncing 'DOOK' quickly.
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