About Me

    My name is Kimberly Ann Miles.  I am currently attending Brigham Young University, studying Special Education and Mathematics. My passion is teaching, because I love to make new ideas and ways of thinking available to those who are not thought of, or do not think of themselves as being capable of learning certain topics or ideas. My hope is to make my students more comfortable with their knowledge, and how to apply their knowledge. I love to expand my teaching materials, from using outside objects in the world, to pencils and papers, and to technology in the classroom. I want to make sure that every one of my students learn in the best way that they can, according to their personalities and needs.
    After taking a technology with teaching class at BYU, my knowledge and appreciation for technology use in the classroom has grown immensely. I can now use many computer programs including Google sites, Microsoft Office, Stellarium, Google Earth, Photostory, Voice Thread, and many others. Other technologies not on the computer include science technologies, camera and video recordings, literacy programs and assistants. Because the brain works like it does, we learn material better if we are able to teach it, or put it in some form to present the information to someone. So through these technologies students will be able to learn the topic needed and can create a presentation to show their classmates. Students also learn in different ways-and technology allows for different ways of learning. This will increase the students retention of different materials discussed in class.
    This portfolio includes many examples of ways that I would incorporate technology into the classroom to make teaching more effective, efficient, and engaging. It oulines educational resources for different core subjects as well as examples of projects for each subject. Each page has a description of the content of that page that more fully goes into detail about what is included.