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                       Kimberly Gooze: Art Teacher
         I  have been creating art every since I could pick up a pencil. As a child, I was really interested in arts and crafts.  I decorated t-shirts, boxes and anything I could get my hands on. I attended El Camino Real High Schooand took many art classes including AP Art History, Drawing, Intro to Art, and Art Production.  During this time, I also liked to make copies of the covers of my favorite CDs. 
      I became very interested in making collages as well. After I graduated high school, I began attending UCLA.  I majored in fine art.  At UCLA, I got to work in a wide variety of mediums including drawing,  painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography and video.

      I would like to know about your experiences with Art. 
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             Ms. Gooze in Paris!