Welcome to my Education Portfolio. My name is Kimberly and I am passionate about working with students and helping them through their life journey in a holistic way. I enjoy watching student's transformations over time whether it be in a class that I am teaching, someone who I am providing counseling to or during their injury rehabilitation. I have had the opportunity to work in various fields and I always find myself in a position of service to others.

I am originally from West Jordan, Utah and have moved across the country to reach my educational goals. I am very fortunate to have a  family who provides the support that I need as I reach for my goals in the hopes of helping others reach theirs.

I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in athletic training. I have been a certified athletic trainer (ATC) since 2003. While at UNLV I served as a resident assistant for three years, a residence hall office manager for 1 year, President and member of the National Residence Hall Honorary and was a McNair Research Scholar. I also served on various committees related to the recognition for student achievement both in and out of the residence hall community. For 3 years I worked as an outreach ATC in Las Vegas, working with HealthSouth in an out patient physical therapy clinic as well as at a local high school, serving up to 400 student athletes each academic year by focusing on prevention, education, recognition, management and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.

In 2006 I attended Indiana University, Bloomington and earned a master's degree in Kinesiology with a focus in sport and exercise psychology. In 2008 I started my PhD in sport and exercise psychology and a second master's degree in counseling at West Virginia University. My life took a different direction and I have moved on from my PhD and have recently graduated with my master's in community counseling and will be completing my Certificate in University Teaching at the end of June 2012. While at WVU I have been able to work as the WVU Summer Manager with the Health Sciences & Technology Academy .  (HSTA). This program assists underrepresented West Virginia high school students go to college up to and including terminal degrees in medical related fields such as pharmacy, medical school, dentistry and physical therapy to list a few.
I am currently a full time instructor at West Texas A & M University, located in Canyon, Texas just south of Amarillo. I am currently working with in the Sports and Exercise Sciences department where I teach Health & Wellness for Children, Historical & Contemporary Issues in Sport, Personal Wellness Concepts and a freshman orientation course for SES majors.

I have included my Curriculum Vita which highlights other various experiences, presentations and research.

Curriculum Vita

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