~ all about me . . . *

Hello :),
my name is Kim Churchill and I attend Pinetree Secondary School. I am currently in grade twelve and taking the "ICT" computers course. (PERIOD 3) Besides this class I also am enrolled in biology, theater performance and english courses for this semester. My favourite thing's include but are not limited to... dancing, acting, shopping, performing and spending time with people I love. On the other hand though, I dislike working (which i do often), negative people, pain and dishonesty.  My favourite shows are : Big Brother (2009), King Of Queens, That 70's Show, Friends, The Tyra Banks Show, Wild'nOut and America's Next Top Model. A couple other tidbit information about myself is that my birthday is on groundhogs day, I've lived in the same place for twelve years and I have a dog, cat and bird. :) To see photo's of them look in the album entitled "Photos."
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