Metadata in Images

Metadata is information that can be embedded into many forms of electronic data, including .jpg images. Metadata can include information such as copyright, captions, creator, date created, keywords and more.

Keywords can help search engines such as Google to find and categorise images to make them more accessible in searches.

Metadata can also help protect your rights in images placed on the internet as this metadata can be embedded into all .jpg images using the IPTC metadata format. IPTC stands for the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC), who created this standard for embedding the metadata into .jpg images.

KHS embeds metadata into all of the images placed on the internet.

KHS has been using some very useful FREE imaging software called IrfanView for all image manipulation. As well as the various image manipulation features, the IPTC metadata can be added to any image using IrfanView in .jpg lossless operations (meaning that no image quality is lost or changed when embedding metadata into the image). IrfanView also has some very useful and powerful "Batch Processing" features which allows batch conversion and renaming of entire folders of images at once.

When KHS started seriously using metadata in December 2010, metadata was added individually to each image which is a very laborious but necessary process. It was found that when these images with the IPTC metadata fields filled in were uploaded to Flickr, all of the metadata fields also transfer directly into the Flickr dialogue boxes. This meant that once uploaded all of the title, caption, keywords etc., were automatically "filled in" on Flickr, so that no more needed to be done, which was also a great time saver. Recent experiments on Facebook finds that this is also the case when uploading images to FaceBook IE. All of the information fields are pre-filled from the metadata in the images.

After contacting the IrfanView software author in January 2011 to discuss the possibility of including batch processing features to the IPTC metadata dialogue within IrfanView, the author not only agreed but had implemented my ideas into the IrfanView software within a week (Thanks Irfan!). These changes to the software now allow the batch processing of the IPTC metadata into multiple folders full of images, which saves a huge amount of time and effort in processing images.

How can I do this to my images?

We will eventually provide a step by step tutorial on how to batch process the IPTC metdata into the images. (Coming Soon!).

Download IrfanView

Before you go to the tutorial I would recommend downloading IrfanView from the IrfanView website so that you can follow the tutorial and try out the process as you go. Go to (Will open in a new window to leave this website open for access to the tutorial). Download and install the IrfanView software and the provided "PlugIns" as the separate "PlugIns" have the required additional software for the IPTC metadata.

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