KIMBALL HIGH ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB     
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What We Do ??
"Section 1.02 Purpose. The purpose of the Kimball Booster Club is to support and promote all CIF sanctioned sport activities of
John C. Kimball High School (KHS) in an atmosphere that is consistent with the educational 
philosophy of the high school."
When do we do it??  
Join us @ our monthly Booster Club meetings on the Fourth Monday of each month @ 7:00 in the Career Center.
( in the back of the Administration building)

      You must present Flyer please print a copy and bring with you.
                              Flyers will be handed out after school in the parking lot on the night of the event  4/24/14

Email our Fundraising Director  to get your SHARES card , or with questions regarding future or current fundraising events.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Dianna Hinchman        E-Mail: Turtleshe@gmail.com                                                                       
                                     Donations are always welcome and appreciated.
We do not receive any state funding for our Athletics,
so we rely mostly throughout the year on  our
fundraising sales and events, but sometimes that just
isn't quite enough.
Your donation goes directly to Kimball Athletics Department
to purchase much needed equipment and uniforms for our kids and their sports.
Even as little as $5 can make a difference.

 If you would like to donate directly  to KHABC
 Please go to
Thank you for your support

KHABC Will Give Away 
 to Exceptional Scholar Athletes!!  
Scholar Athlete Program (SAP)
More info to come

Your Business Can Sponsor
the Jaguars!!
Show your support inside
Don Nicholson Stadium!!



New Member Welcome Packet  
Next General Membership Meeting: 
 *** Monday***
March, 24th 2014
7pm in the Career Center
Topics of discussion
* Bylaws & Amendments
*Nominations for Upcoming Vacant Board positions
*Concessions/Sow a Seed foundation