Kiltmaking is an artistic creative passion of mine.  The first kilt I made was guided by my grandmothers hands. 
I have apprenticed in several kiltmaking methods to produce the best fitting kilt for my customers. 

Wildkat kilts are designed for men.  
Traditional pleating to the sett, recreates the tartan pattern across the pleats.
Unique pleating is my forte.  I can arrange the pleats to look totally different than the sett.
This can be pinned up for various examples as the tartan is on hand.
I offer my customers several looks of pleat styles. 
The most common is knife pleats which offer the greatest swish.
Box pleats give a more historical look with less yardage.
"The Gladiator"  is my name for a double box pleated kilt.  This takes the historical look and adds
volume and depth to the pleats.
Kingussie style pleats combine both a box and knife pleats.  It is one of my favorite to sew.

I am proud to offer "Smithbuckles" .   They are recreated from an antique buckle into a choice
of three finishes.  Antique Pewter , Antique Brass and Antique Copper.   People have recognized
my kilts from my handsome buckles.
Ask me about my feature called a Guiness Pleat, it helps you kilt last over the years and beers.
Fly plaids fringed or purled and tartan flashes are available to finish your Highland Attire.

Highland Rose kilts are tailored to fit ladies curves.  I utilize special sewing techniques to make
womens kilts shine.  Rosette sashes and Across the body sashes can be made to match.
One of my latest offerings is custom size Balmorial Bonnets.  I have many shades of felted wool and tweeds
to accent any tartan and various finishes to tie in your tartan choice.

 Princess Kilts  incorporates outfits required by Highland Dance Regulations
Princess Kilts are custom handsewn to fit a Highland Dancer to perfection. 
Highland Dancers Jackets and Vests are lovingly created to custom fit each dancer.
Both require two fittings with me to cover every detail.   I stock countless shades of cotton
velvet to match or accent your tartan.  Zippered inner cuff seams make changine out
of your Highland Jacket a dream.  I love to add lace to cuffs and necklines.
Silver and gold braid trim and diamond buttons.   I love to use lively patterned linings.
Elastic at inside waist keeps your garment from resettling.
Aboyne outfits offer Vests with choice of petals, dagging or peplums.
Ask me about the Squiggle peplum or my Rosebud styles.
Aboyne gathered skirts and plaids to complete this outfit.

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