these are pretty simple and require minimal sewing skill

with 2 yards of fabric, you can get at least 4 placemats

cut 4 pieces:    19 1/2" x 12 1/2" (mat base)
                        15" x 6" (kilt)
                        4" x 5" (pocket)

you will also need:
1 yard of brown ribbon, bias tape or leather 1" wide
 4 gold color  vest buckles
thread to match fabric
needle for hand-sewing
pinking shears (optional)

step 1
cut the mat base pieces using pinking shears. i use pinking shears to dissuade fraying of the edges. this also allows me to make a single fold edge of 1/4" rather than a double fold.
fold and pin with 1/4 allowance.  sew and press.

step 2
repeat this procedure with the kilt pieces

step 3
attach the pocket.  come in 1 1/2" from left side and 2" from bottom of the mat base.  lay the fabric with underside facing up and the top edge at the 2" mark 
stitch along the top edge allowing for 1/2" seam.  
fold the fabric back on itself and sew up the sides, creating a pocket

step 3
sew the kilt

pin pleats (folds)
4 from the left and 3 from the right making a box pleat where they meet off center

turn the pinned kilt over and sew the pleat edge

your piece will look like this
lay the piece to front side up and repin the folds
sew the edge of the folds (as you did on the back)
pin the pleats down to make flat front
run stitch down 2" of the left edge of each pleat
then stitch across the width of the piece at 1/4" and 1/2" from the top to make a flat front

step 4
embellish with belt and buckle
simply run a piece of fabric,leather or ribbon through the buckle and cut so it covers the length of the kilt with 1/2 overlap on the non-buckle end.  hand tack it to the skirt with the buckle set over where the pleats match at the box pleat.

step 5
hand tack the kilt to the pocket of the mat