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Update on kiltera 2.0

posted Dec 8, 2010, 10:04 AM by Ernesto Posse
As you may have noticed, activity on the website has been nil. This is because progress with version 2.0 has been slow. Restructuring the simulator has been a bigger project than I expected. In fact it lead me to the design of a generic language definition framework. This framework addresses issues beyond the scope of kiltera, but it will have great benefits for it. So while this means that the release of 2.0 has been pushed quite a bit, this promises to simplify the architecture quite a bit, making it easier for you to tinker with kiltera's internals, try out new constructs and alternative semantics. 

For the moment I don't dare to give a release date, as I am focused on this language framework, but for sure I will be posting some alpha and beta versions during the next few months. Stay tuned.