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Electronic kiln controllers represent the most significant advancement since the invention of the kiln itself. A controller controls, an electronic controller, controls tirelessly, accurately and without requiring continuous monitoring.

The digital "Set Point" controller is the simplest kind of electronic temperature controller available, but even it provides a quantum leap over non-controller based methods. The set point controller allows you to set a single "set" temperature and then have the kiln go to and accurately maintain that temperature until you shut it off.

Set Point controllers usually have a digital display which can show either the kilns current temperature or the desired set temperature. Your only interaction is if you wish to adjust the set temperature or end the firing. They are precise and will let you achieve the desired results consistently. A controller, even the simple will give you the kind of temperature control that you need to achieve desirable and repeatable results which are simply not possible without a controller.

The typical modern microcontroller and multi line character type LCD display allows personal computer like menu navigation and screens are presented in plain English. There is no need to try and figure out what to do next. It's on the screen and it's obvious.

Solid state for device management relays are more reliable and permit much faster cycle times resulting in greatly reduced temperature variation. An improved thermocouple interface system provides drift free accuracy, improved linearity and better reliability. A desktop sloped computer style enclosure makes programming the controller easier and more enjoyable and the stand alone system makes it easy to move between kilns.

Kiln temperature controllers used in metallurgical industry:

K30 Mount Programmable Temperature Controller

K30 Temperature Controller

Compact dimensions: 35 x 88 mm, h 88 mm
1 Configurable probe input
1 digital input
Up to 4 digital outputs - PID controller with
Independent timer
8 segment programmer (optional)
Counter for worked days and hours
Compressor protection timer
Up to 2 indipendent RS485 Modbus-RTU ports

Process inputs:
1 temperature probe input
Thermocouples: J, K, R, S,T
RTD: Pt100
Voltage (V): 0..1 V, 0/1...5 V , 0/2...10 V
Voltage (mV): 0...50 mV, 0...60 mV, 12 ...60 mV
Current (mA): 0/4...20 mA
Custom linearisation and IR probes (J.K type)
Overall accuracy: (0.5 % span + 1 digit @25 °C); Tc S: (1 % span + 1 digit @ 25 oC)
1 digital input

Process outputs
Up to 4 digital outputs

K30 Controller Guide

K31 Temperature Controller & K32 Temperature Controller

K31 Temperature Controller K32 Temperature Controller

The K31 and K32 are single and dual display PID controllers in an identical package to the K38/39 instruments. Both instruments offer the same auto tuning PID algorithm however the 31 and 32 have key additions to their specifications setting them apart.
Up to 4 outputs, combinations of relay and SSR
2 digital inputs
T/C,RTD,NTC,PTC, mA and 0-1/0-10 v input
RS485 communications
Integral timer as standard
4 segment programmer (8 segment possible)
Programming keys and software tools
Patented sensitive touch keyboard for K32
Customizable menu structure
UL approved

K31 Controller Guide                              K32 Controller Guide

K38 Temperature Controller & K39 Temperature Controller

K38 Temperature Controller K39 Temperature Controller

The K38 and K39 are powerful single and dual display microprocessor PID controllers. These instruments have a vast array of features whilst remaining logical to program.

Suitable for heating and industrial cooling applications.
Single or dual display
Auto tuning PID or on/off control selectable
Fuzzy logic overshoot control
T/C, RTD, NTC,PTC,mA or 0/1-0-10 v input
Up to 2 outputs relay or SSR
Integral timer as standard
4 segment programmer as standard
Customizable menu structure
Programming key
UL approved

K38 Controller Guide                           K39 Controller Guide

R38 Temperature Controller & K38S Temperature Controller

R38 Temperature Controller

The R38 controller offers on/off or high accuracy PID control for heating or cooling applications. Designed as and entry level model it is exceptionally simple to program by the front keys or via programming key.

Only 24 parameters
T/C J or K, RTD,PTC or NTC input
Up to 2 outputs, relay or SSR
Switch mode power supply 100-240 v, 12 or 25 vac/dc
Auto tuning PID algorithm
Programming key
UL approved

R38 Controller Guide                                     R38 Appendix

K48/K49 Controller

K48 & K49 Controllers

1/16th DIN panel size PID controllers with 2 outputs.
Single or dual display
Auto tuning PID or on/off control
Up to 2 outputs, SSR or relay or both
Integral timer as standard
4 segment programmer as standard (8 possible)
Customizable menu structure
T/C/RTD,PTC,NTC,mA, 0-1/0-10 v input
Programming key

K48 Controller Guide                            K49 Controller Guide

TLK43 Controller

TLK43 Controller

The TLK43 offers up to 4 outputs in a 1/16th DIN package size.
Universal inputs, selectable between T/C-RTD-NTC-PTC-Ma-0-1/0-10 v
Up to 4 outputs, combination of relay, SSR, 4-20 mA and 0-1/0-10 volt
Auto tuning PID or on/off control
Re transmission of setpoint
Value control
Ramp, soak facility
Soft start
RS485 comms option
Switch mode supply, 100-240 or 24 vac/dc
UL approved

TLK43 Controller Guide

TLK94 Controller

TLK94 Controller

The TLK94 offers high accuracy PID control of temperature and other process varibles in a 18th DIN package size.
Dual display as standard
Up to 5 outputs, combinations of relay, SSR, 4-20 mA and 0-1/0-10 volt
Heater break function
RS 485 comms option
Switch mode supply, 100-240 v or 24 v

TLK94 Controller Guide 



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