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    News for the Kilmorey site:

       As with all things in life, there have been big changes! At the end of April 2016, I suddenly found out that the Environment Trust's funding of the Kilmorey project, in conjunction with Richmond Council of London, had ended three years ago. So now the Environment Trust had made the decision to end all further  involvement with the management of  the Mausoleum and its grounds in the Spring 2016.
      It's a sudden and almost abrupt end of an era, but we have
been assured that Richmond Council will still provide some support in helping keeping the grounds maintained, and access for Open Days.

     A bit brighter news, was that the official celebrations for the completion of restoration of the Kilmorey Mausoleum, was held on the 11th of May 2016, with Lord True present and the Deputy Mayor, who congratulated the architect and the builders Triton, for the renovation work completed.
   Over £90,000 had been spent on the Mausoleum restoration work.
     Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the celebrations on the day, and typically, it also poured down with rain towards the end of the ceremony, and celebrations!

     Finally, a big thanks to both Gill and Derrik Mercer, who were
involved with the Kilmorey project from it's early days, and have always been helping with organising and providing support for the Open Days.
     As from 2016, they are also finishing their long term support and
involvement with the Kilmorey Mausoleum.

     A final note, concerning the composting toilet. As the
Environment Trust ceased further involvement with the Kilmorey Mausoleum, they had the
composting toilet and it's hut dismantled in June 2016. And removed it off the site at the end of June, to be re-used elsewhere.

        The Last Restoration Work.

       A big day was on the 20th of October 2015, as the final touches to the building and restoration work was completed! The re-discovered entrance brick path to the mausoleum was finally finished, and the Triton builders did a very good job in restoring it over the past few months.
      Also the renovated and re-built cast iron gates are now fitted,
   and now work.  

        Currently at the Mausoleum.


                     Spring views at the Mausoleum. 


  Pages covering the building and restoration work of the Mausoleum walls and railings will be added eventually. Just watch this space!

 The new organizers for the Open Day events from 2017, are Maeve Adams and Evie Bissell for the Environment Trust.
           Important dates/events coming up :                     
          The first Open Day of the year is on Sunday 29th April
        2018.  From 9am - 3pm
          Organised by the Environment Trust, £2 charged at the gate
        for adults, children enter free.
          Apparently a Free  packet of 'bee friendly wild flower seeds'
         to the first 50 visitors!
           Please note that organised volunteer gardening has
until further notice, due to Claire McCormack
         our lead volunteer
the group project in October
               2013, after many 
years of dedicated work. 
           Minimum grounds maintenance and regular inspection will be
        carried out by myself and another volunteer, whilst
        the volunteering situation and work days are being sorted out.
           Now Richmond Council are in charge of the volunteering at
        the site.
           With many thanks to Steve for his regular visits, and work   
         carried out on the grounds.

 As promised, a section has been added about
Gordon House and the Tunnel, and the link can be found below.

 The Kilmorey Mausoleum Meadow page has been updated and added to.

          Gordon House today and the Tunnel Page 1

          The Recycling Page!
             Kilmorey Mausoleum Meadow page.
Another page has been added for new Fungi discoveries:

  The Kilmorey Mausoleum is a unique historical monument and local wildlife site located in Twickenham, West London.

  Situated behind a large old weathered brick wall, and with small aged black wooden door at the entrance; it gives the appearance of a hidden ‘enchanted’ type garden.  

                 Click here to enter the Mausoleum grounds

  It is now maintained by volunteers, with assistance from  Richmond Council and English Heritage.

The current site is about one third of an acre in size, triangular shaped, 70 metres/229 ft long on each side approximately. And the aim is to maintain the site for the community in an environmentally and sustainable manner, and to encourage local wildlife. It has also been used for wildlife educational purposes by some local schools. 

The grounds are open to visit on some days, when the information board is displayed on the entry door, and volunteers are available at the site, usually on Open days now.

 Just a few requests to visitors.
Unfortunately no dogs allowed on site. We encourage visitors with young children to respect the site, and behave responsibly; since it is both a historical burial ground and natural wildlife area, with plants and fungi that can be easily damaged.
   Keep to the paths, and please leave the grounds litter free as you found them, and only take photos and nothing else!
    How to get there Link for the Mausoleum

The Environment Trust for Richmond upon Thames will continue to encourage public open days and group visits by appointment.

Please contact The Environment Trust for Richmond upon Thames on 020 8891 5455.  E-mailoffice@environmenttrust.co.uk

Link for the Environment Trust for Richmond upon Thames

                         A video clip of the roof top view of the 

                       Filmed in 2011 whilst work was being carried out
                                  on the
Mausoleum  roof.                

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