Thought for this week

Thought for this week is from Bill Skene who is a Reader and the Locum at Fort Augustus linked with Glengarry.

There we are, coming to the end of November already, and the nights are ‘fair drawing in’ as they say, after this glorious summer that we have had in Lochaber (cough cough Ahem).

But it has been a right busy summer, with seemingly more visitors to the area than ever, it has been great to interact with all sorts of nationalities visiting our corner of the world.  And I am sure many of us will have been caught up in some of the delays to get into the town, or perhaps held up by some of the gigantic and abnormal loads that have been getting shifted through the area.  There have been times where it has been necessary to delay a journey, or perhaps set out much earlier, or maybe take a different route to get to our destination.

In our Bible we find a large group of travellers who are diverted from the straight route to their destination, onto a diversion, and their journey takes them years longer than originally expected – those descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who were being brought out of slavery in Egypt to settle in the land they had been promised.

Here were God’s people, who should have had a direct route, no delays or diversions on their journey, and yet because of their disobedience and lack of faith, they ended up all over the place.

And we can see ourselves too, when we wander away from the Lord’s way, finding ourselves in more difficulty, and facing more problems than we would otherwise have had to contend with.  It is so easy to stray from that path that He wants to walk along with us, but when we realise that we are on a detour then the great thing is that we can call to our Lord, and he will answer, and if we are willing and ready then he will bring us back on to the right path, and he will travel the journey with us, the rough bits and the smooth bits – and that is surely the best kind of travel report to receive.