Messy Church

Our Summer Messy Church was held in Corpach on Sunday 24th June when 

the Theme was



Messy Church was held on Sunday 4th March in Caol Church.

Samples of some of the craft work which the children made 

SPRING - NEW START BANNER decorated at Messy Church


                  Some of the children's craft work                                              Christmas tree surrounded by snowmen     
                                                                                                                       to be enjoyed after the Buffet.

 Messy Church was on Sunday 29th October in Caol Church from 4pm to 6pm when the Theme was


Here is the Banner completed by the children illustrating the Bible story when Jesus said 
'I am the True Vine'
Following on the Theme the table was decorated with many fruits with special emphases on the fruit of the Vine - Grapes!! all to be enjoyed following the main meal

The Children (unassisted) filled the Banner and this was 'their take' on the Easter Story.  They also enjoyed decorating the cup cakes and placing them on the Cross.

Banners from our last two Messy Church gatherings when the theme on 28th September was THE SOWER and on 2nd November HARVEST

Joseph's coat of many colours,  decorated by the children on 18th May when the theme was "JOSEPH"

(The templates for "Joseph" and Zacchaeus Tree along with designing Noah's Ark are the work of Sarah Corbett)

The work of decorating the tree kept the children busy on 29th June when the Theme was Zacchaeus.

  The children are busy pairing the sticky animals .