Guild News

"Whose we are and Whom we serve"

The Theme for this Session is - GO IN LOVE

Convener:   Ethel Conacher      

Treasurer:  Irene Jamieson  

  Secretary: Norma Maclellan 

Committee:   Donna MacKay

                Irene Burns

                   Phamie Burns

                   Rhoda Beedie

 Kilmallie Guild meets monthly from  September to  April at 7 pm in Caol Church Hall and is open to all adults, men as well as women.  Please come along and join us.

For Guild Week commencing 19th November the Sunday Joint Service was held in Corpach Church and was conducted by the Guild Committee lead by our Convener Ethel Conacher.  A different member of the Committee each day of the week spoke on 'Thought for Today' on Nevis Radio the subject being 'Go in Love'

On Wednesday 13th December we had a most interesting cake decoration demonstration by Mrs Gillian MacLeod one of our more senior Church members.  Names were put in a hat and two happy ladies went home with a very specially decorated Christmas Cake  

The delicate floral and lace work was
 so admired by all         
Once again Gillian's skill was shown on this cake with Snowmen, snowballs and tree decoration.


    DATE              TIME              PLACE              SUBJECT             SPEAKER

24th Sept
9th Oct (Mon)
25th Oct
19th Nov(Sun)
22nd Nov
24th Nov (Fri)
8th Dec (Fri)
13th Dec

24th Jan

14th Feb
28th Feb
2nd Mar (Fri)
28th Mar
25th Apr





Caol Church Hall
Kilmonivaig Church
Caol Church Hall
Corpach Church
West End Hotel
East Church Inverness
The Tron Church
Caol Church Hall


Caol Church Hall

Moss Park 
Caol Church Hall
St. Mary's 
Caol Church Hall
Caol Church Hall 

Theme Night   LOVE
Bible Study
Morning Service 
 Annual Dinner
 Big Sing
 Big Sing
 Cake Decorating and Carols

"My Year as Lochaber Presb.Moderator"
 Our Annual Visit 
 "Gift of Life" & Bring & Buy 
 World Day of Prayer
 Women in the Church


Welcome & Sketch  
Mavis Bilham
Rev Sandy Stoddart
Guild Committee
Fun Night
Highland Guilds
Scottish Guilds
Gillian MacLeod


Ella Gill

Gail Blackmore (Midwife)

Morag Muirhead

  Last year our Guild travelled on 18th May to Glengarry Castle Hotel, where a lovely Afternoon Tea was enjoyed by all.