KillWare® IV - Suicide By Natural Causes

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The KillWare® Chronicles, Book 4 

KillWare IV: Suicide By Natural Causes - coming soon to a dump near you
It's in the works
Trilogy turned quadrilogy
- follow the making of KillWare IV and publication schedule @
- home of sapient mortality, longevity, incept date, and more ... death ... life ... old dogs and drunken sailors

Veronica To Appear In July 4th 2018 Bainbridge Island Classic Car Show!

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The Wastes (pirate dump the size of a small country, somewhere in South America) - Veronica's home:
And finally, a note on the University Of Washington's "Garbology Project" which inspired the two garbologists who appear in KillWare III. Thanks, UWGP!

"Immortality will kill us all"

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Book Notes:

THE POSTMORTAL -- by Drew Magary, Penguin Books, 2011 (400 pages)

"Immortality will kill us all"

"They want to live forever, but they don't think about what they're going to have to live with. What they'll have to carry with them." ... "You got me. I don't want to die. I'm terrified of death. I fear there's nothing beyond it and that this existence is the only one I'll ever posses. That's why I'm here." ... "But again, this is no cure for death, even if everyone is calling it that. It's merely a cure for aging." [location 158-190, Kindle Ed.]

Magary has written a brilliant postmodern Penguin Island (Anatole France, 1908), a frightening 22nd century Cantical For Libowitz (Walter M. Miller Jr., 1960). Philosophically dark and telling, what if science found a "cure" for human mortality, or, at least, for aging. Magary envisions such a world.

Hey, who wants to live forever, in this wasteland?   ---Bridgette, wastelands warrior, The KillWare ® Chronicles

Thanks to business consultant Colleen Kragen (LnkedIn) for suggesting this fascinating if disturbing source text. 

The Postmortal at

For more MORTALITY RESOURCES see the "Resources" page at

30 March 2014 - "KillWare III" by K.D.Kragen - Book Signing @ Eagle Harbor Books, Bainbridge Island

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Book Signing Date:  Sunday Afternoon, 30 March 2014
Time:  3:00-4:00 PM
Cost:  none
Raffle:  cool KillWare memorabilia -- (NOTE: Raffled items will be FREE, as in door prizes!)
Venue:  Eagle Harbor Book Company, 157 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-2425, 206.842.5332
Agent:  Lena Scott,

From the creator of "Plagueman" (, "KillWare" and "KillWare II: The Wastes" comes "KillWare III: The Accidental Prisoner" -- third book in the sci-fi trilogy "The KillWare Chronicles" by K.D.Kragen and published by ArcheBooks Publishers.

GoogleDocs PDF Download: KillWare-OneSheet

KillWare I & II Re-issued And Now Available In Paperback

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KillWare™ and  KillWare II: The Wastes  are now available, re-issued in paperback and on Kindle. They can be purchased at or from your local bookstore. 
See amazon author page for details:

Notice: First Book Signing! @ Eagle Harbor Books, Sunday, March 30th, 3:00 PM. More details to come. Watch this space. Goodnight zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

KillWare III: The Accidental Prisoner "Available Now!"

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12/12/2013 - FLASH! KillWare III now available through ArcheBooks Publishing - KillWare III: The Accidental Prisoner

KillWare III: The Accidental Prisoner. Bob has a son, Scott, whom he never saw growing up because his wife left him for Europe.

My wife dead? Bob sat up, glanced over at Mo. Mo: Wife? Bob: She...she left me for Europe. Mo: Better than being left for another man. How can you compete with a whole continent? Bob: I was young then. Long time ago. Before PESD. Before Harry's brain.

"i can trust my own mind only as far as i can trust the creator of my mind. as for noninvasive neural implants, the same thing logically holds true: i can trust my implants only as far as i can trust the programmer."  -- Linuxus Xianicus

KillWare III, future present sci-fi where we live and where we die. There's a growing tension between life-extensionism and assisted dying, between longevity, cryogenics, nanotech implants and Transhumanism on the one hand, and dying well and the existential reality of human mortality on the other. It's not just the what, the facts of the matter about this dilemma of the human condition: human vs. biomechanics. (Are we just our memories which might one day be uploaded into something "better" than meat-based reality, or are we that which has memories?) It's also the who, the social-ethical philosophy involved in the future — and present — that classic human drama: who gets to live, who gets to die.

"the old saying still goes, 'if you can hack into their system, they can hack back into yours'. in the old days they got into your files, stole your 'stuff'; now they get into 'you', steal your soul."  -- Linuxus Xianicus


NOTICE: KillWare I and KillWare II: The Wastes are being reissued, over the coming weeks, in paperback and for Kindle. Watch this space for updates about release dates, video games, RPGs, movies, PESD, life.

KillWare III - The Accidental Prisoner

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January 2012

KillWare III is presently in production and should be available sometime this Spring or Summer. Watch this space for updates!

--K. D. Kragen

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