A Little Information on Kony

Joseph Kony, a estimated almost 60 year old Ugandan Man has created the Lord's Resistance Army, in which he has almost 70,000 child soldiers. He captures the children, and turns the boys into soldiers for the Lord's Resistance Army, and the girls into wives, or slaves. He says that he is doing this for Christian Faith, and love, and seeks to bring Uganda into an new era. However, rebelling against the Ugandan Government, by capturing innocent children, is very, very cruel, and unjust.
Joseph Kony does not just capture kids to put them in his army, he orders them to kill their parents, or any family, so that they would have no where to go to, and that may convince them not to escape, or to abandon all hope. Could you imagine having to kill your own parents? Kony has also slaughtered siblings in front of their own family as a punishment, or if they were too weak, or plainly tried to escape. Its heartbreaking and sad.
All of Kony's bodyguards are also male children. For being a man of 60, it is very sickening when he has so many wives, that are all just little girls. He forces them to do things they should never have to do at that age. The boys work out on the battle front sacrificing their lives for Kony, and doing whatever he tells them to do. Anything done wrong comes with a punishment of death.
The United States sent some soldiers to try and catch Kony, but he discovered, and is now changing his tactics. He is making it more and more difficult to track down him and the Lord's Resistance Army. If we are to kill Kony, we just have one problem, he has displaced over 70,000 children and made them hermits to society. When, and if we catch him, what will happen to all of those scarred children? Us, as people of the world need to step in and help, so they can once again feel welcomed as people with their own rights and places in this world. The saddest fact to this story is that Joseph Kony is number one wanted in the world in the International Criminal Court, and almost nobody knows about him. WE need to make him known. Remember April 20th is Kill Kony day, make posters, write songs, do whatever.....just be heard. HELP THE CHILDREN OF THE LORD'S RESISTANCE ARMY, AND KILL KONY!!!!! 2012
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