<EMU> PhotoStudio Plus 2.2

After I loaded onto the Forums that I am now actively doing product reviews and have this website I was contacted by Nelli(Nelli Bayn) from <EMU>. Offering up there updated studio, I had in the past owned there last version and I loved it. It was easy to use and quick and simple and I never used it to full capacity because I know that my photography in SL isnt the greatest. But with this new one I went all out, I tested every part of the menu pulled out the poses looked at everything throughly. Tested background even loaded a few of my own to see how it looked. Then called in a friend to have a little Photo Shoot(Pictured Below).

What the Studio Looks Like

So I unpacked the box and got to work on this studio, the first picture I took was just a standard picture using none of the lightening features or even the eye catcher that I later utilized. The Menu is really exceptional in this Studio, super easy to navigate, rezz, derezz, adjust, position change, add a background, Whatever you want to get its easy and its fast.

The First Picture I took

it also includes everything you need weather you looking to be a professional Photographer, or the Queen of the Selfies you can do it all from this studio. The only thing I found issue with as all was finding how to adjust the poses for couple individually so that we weren't out of alignment and looking stupid. My other suggestion would be to have someone who spoke english as there first language check the information NC, it perfectly understanable but some of the words are written Phonetically instead of correctly.

You can see here the adjustment Poles and the set up of the Studio

Features include, Pose stands for Singles, Couples and GROUPS!, Lights with changeable colours and brightness, Backgrounds, 121 that come with it are very high quality or you can add upto 250 of your own AND categorical them so you know where they belong. Props including 2 adorable boxes, Gothic and Stables. I really love this studio and for the current price of 249L its a steal!

Enjoy my pictures from my photo shoot.

Using Background Sunbeam and a small addition of light.

Using the Gothic Box - love this one but should have changed costumes

Pose 1 for Couples.....Please I couldn't resist!

MP Link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/EMU-SUPER-PROMO-Photostudio-Plus-205-poses-121-backgrounds/3214962
MP Store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/45889
Inworld Slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gartenstadt/244/94/22
Price: 249L (Current Promotion, The price will never get more expensive though)
Prims: Approximately 17 (With Box, Posestand and Rezzballs out)
InkBlots: 4.5/5