Wills & Power of Attorney

Through our partners we are able to offer you access to a complete service. You will receive guidance on the most suitable solution for you.

A Standard Will is suitable for straightforward situations and allows for a clear expression of your wishes of who should inherit and in what proportions. You can specify your Trustees / Executors, and where necessary children's Guardians can be nominated. Specific and financial legacies can be detailed which could also include Charities. An age to inherit can be stipulated and your funeral wishes noted.

Power of Attorney
Continuing and Welfare

Through accident, illness or advancing years, many people lose the ability to manage their own affairs. It is vital, therefore, to appoint an Attorney who can look after your financial and welfare matters. Once Registered formally through the Office Of The Public Guardian, the Attorney can act only if you or a Doctor states in writing that it is necessary.