Savings & Investments

As we get older, we need to keep a much closer eye on how our Savings and Investments are doing. It may be that you need to live on income from your Savings and Investments or that you are hoping to be able to gift some money to your younger relatives to help them along the way.

Your tax position changes too as you get older as you have a higher personal allowance and the way you receive income can change how the tax is calculated.

We will help you in making the right investment and savings choices helping you with questions such as:
How can I make my money work harder for me when interest rates are so poor?
What do I want to achieve?
Where should I put my money?
What is the risk involved and is that right for me?

Needs constantly change as you go through life and priorities change too. From protecting the family inheritance in later life to needing tax efficient income to live. As part of your planning, find out more about Savings and Investments in later life.