Long Term Care

One in four of us are likely to need long term care at some stage in our lives and as we are an ageing population the likelihood is that there will be even more of us needing some help with our care or will become carers for our loved ones.

What isn’t always so clear is just how much support the local authority and the NHS will offer us. It's only until the need is upon us or our families that we realise that with some planning the range of choices open to get the kind of later life care you want for yourself or a loved one.

Discussing this before you need to is always best. We will guide you through your options and even the welfare benefits that you maybe entitled to.

This is either as part of your financial planning in retirement or perhaps when an immediate need to arrange care arises.
Sometimes people do not realise that there are options regarding Long Term Care until the need is upon them or in some cases when the money to look at those choices available has run out.