Welcome to Care Planning

As specialist care fees advisers we understand the difficulty in realising that a loved one can no longer look after themselves independently.

The family's main priority is to ensure the welfare of that person and secure the care and support they need.  There is often little guidance available and many people end up confused about who has to pay and how to meet the spiraling cost of care.

This site offers a great deal of information regarding long term care but often it is most useful to be able to speak to us about your own situation.  We do not charge any fees if you would like to talk to us about the wide range of options available to pay for care and where possible preserve assets.

  • How to pay for care fees
  • Understand income & Savings - what happens to the property
  • Who has to pay - What are the capital thresholds
  • Explaining the rules around funding
  • Look after someone else's affairs
  • What is the future of Care Fees