Welcome to Killer Edge, a rip-roaring racing game on the iPhone, where players can nudge, smash and swerve their way to the front of the race across a variety of tracks featuring incredible inclines, crazy curves and soaring straights.

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This is a fun, super smooth arcade  racer
To the right is a screenshot, and below that is a video of actual gameplay footage taken straight from the iPhone simulator.  Below this is the car select screen.

Tilt and Touch Control
Players can use the tilt control or touchscreen to steer their way expertly round the tracks while avoiding collisions that reduce energy.  If this runs out or if they fall off the "Killer Edge", they will lose a life.

How many cars?
All 12 cars in Killer Edge are accurately modelled with an expert physics engine inside, so they each handle differently and when they go over bumps, you can see them fly!

What else?
The Grand Prix mode has 3 cups, Bronze, Silver and Gold, each with 3 unique tracks that get progressively harder throughout, and there are 7 different pickups that can boost your car: Turbo, Speed, Attack, Defence, Traction, Shield and Energy.

Easy, Medium and Hard game settings plus Quick Race and Time Attack game modes complete the features in this super-smooth arcade racer along with pulsating music and 3D sound.

How much does it cost and where can I buy it?
A budget-busting £1.19/$1.99
.  Killer Edge is available at this link on the AppStore within iTunes.

What's up with the Graphics?
Yes, I admit the graphics could be a lot better.  I wanted to update them but could not afford to pay someone to do this.  Then again it's only £1.19/$1.99

Why did you do this?
To prove a point to my better half.  My wife thinks that I won’t sell any copies, and maybe she’s right, but it would be nice to prove her wrong!

Is there a free version?
Yes there is, but it has been delayed.

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