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A fanpage dedicated to Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier
The finest and most realistic Old West Role Playing Game ever created.

Aces & Eights is proudly produced by Kenzer & Company - the makers of HackMaster.

If you wish to discuss Aces & Eights or have any questions on any aspect of the game head on over to the Kenzer & Co forums. The people there are the greatest, most helpful and friendliest bunch on the net.

Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier is an Western RPG of unprecedented depth and detail. Gone are the days of the Wild West RPG just being merely about the gunfight, in Aces & Eights you can be anything from a Banker to an Outlaw or a Barber to a Whore.  The possibilities are endless, just as they were in the Old West. A man can seek his fortune any way he sees fit (women too for that matter).
The Shattered Frontier in the title refers to the alternate history setting of Aces & Eights. It is not an alternate history in the sense of magic and zombies running around but our own history tweaked in a realistic way. The Civil War took place 10 years early due to various political factors and ended in a stalemate on both sides. The main political factions and nations claiming sovereignty in the world of Aces & Eights are The United States and The Confederacy, The Republic of Texas, Mexico, Deseret (Mormons), and Sequoyah (the five civilized tribes).
Here you can see  the official interactive map of the Shattered Frontier as of 1868 by Kenzer & Co.

Gaming Industry Awards and recognition for Aces & Eights and its supplements

Origins Award - Best Roleplaying Game - 2008
ENnie Award - Best Game (Silver Award) - 2008
ENnie Award Nominee - Best Production Values - 2008
ENnie Award Nominee - Best Rules - 2008
ENnie Award Nominee - Product of the Year - 2008
ENnie Award - Best Cartography (Silver Award) - 2010
ENnie Award Nominee - Best Monster or Adversary - 2010
ENnie Award Nominee - Best Electronic Book - 2011
ENnie Award Nominee - Best Free Product - 2011