Killarney Glen Court is a pet friendly complex, however having an animal reside in your unit is a privilege  not a right.  

Written approval from the Board is required to have any animal, snake, reptile, livestock, fowl or pet of any kind  in a unit or on the common property. KGC Policy 1.04, Pets outlines the rules and regulations associated to having a pet in Killarney Glen Court. 

Currently cats and dogs are generally approved, while snakes, reptiles and livestock are not allowed. All other animals are reviewed on a case by case basis.

The following highlights the rules and regulations from the Pet policy, once ready for approval complete the form on the second page of the policy and return to the property management consultant.

B/L 48M2008 is in reference to City of Calgary "Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw" 23M2006 amended by 48M2008, 49M2008, 61M2011.

  1. All dogs must be licensed.
    (B/L 48M2008. Sec 3 (1), $250.00 fine) 
  2. All cats must be licensed.
    (B/L 48M2008. Sec 4 (1), $250.00 fine) 
  3. All animal feces must be picked up immediately. Carry a bag or container with you when you walk your pet.
    (B/L 48M2008, Sec. 22(1), $250.00 fine) 

  4. Animals (Cats and Dogs included) must not run at large.
    (B/L 48M2008, Sec. 12, $100.00 fine) 

  5. Dogs must be on a leash no greater than 2 metres in length at all times.
    (B/L 48M2008, Sec. 15 (4)(a), $100.00 fine)

  6. Excessive barking will be treated as a noise complaint.
    (B/L 48M2008, Sec. 23 (1), $100.00 fine)

  7. Pets are not to be left unsupervised while tethered or tied.
    (B/L 48M2008, Sec. 17, $100.00 fine)

  8. Cats are not allowed to wander on common areas. They must also be leashed or hand held when outside the unit.

  9. Cat litter must be disposed of in tied plastic bags placed directly in the garbage receptacle to avoid odour.

  10. Owners will be responsible for any and all damages caused by their pet(s) whether it is Condominium Corporation or other private property.