We have three types of Parking at Killarney Glen Court:  Unit, Reserved and Visitor.
Unit Stalls
Are identified by the unit number painted on the curb. There is one for each unit in the complex and is for the exclusive use of that unit.
Reserved Stalls
Are identified by R-XX where XX is a stall number. These stalls are to address the fact that many units have more that one vehicle and are available for the exclusive use by the owner who rents them. 
The current cost of a reserved stall is $30.00 per month. To obtain one you need to complete Form # 2.01 - Parking Agreement, found under By-laws or available from our Property Manager.
Rule of Thumb - If your unit does not have a rental agreement giving you exclusive use of a rental stall then you cannot park in it.
Upon receipt of the parking agreeement you will be informed if the stall is available and if your request has been accepted. If the stall you are looking to rent is not available an alternative will be indicated and you will be placed on a waiting list.
Please note: Because we have waiting lists reserve stalls cannot be transsioned with ownership. Upon the sale of a unit, the stall will be returned to the corporation where those units on a waiting list will have first option on the rental of the stall.
Visitor Stalls
Are identified by a red painted curb and visitor parking signs.  Maximum stay in a vistor stall is 72 hrs; 0100 to 0700 by permit only.  If you do not have a permit, contact the Property Manager to request one.  Enforcement is by Calgary Parking.  Any additional abuse can be reported to the Property Manager, please ensure you make note of the vehicle make, model and license number and the unit number noted on the permit.