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Grace Lake, Taken in October, 2008.

Because it is so useful, here is a link to Jeff's Killarney Map.

This website is dedicated to those of us who love Killarney Provincial Park. 
The information is provided free of charge and is supplied by me (sometimes) but mostly from people like you.
So send me your info.
Also, since most of the information on this site is provided to me by strangers and I do not (and am not able
to)  check the accuracy of that information, please use this information with caution.
I am in no way responsible for the accuracy of the information on this site. Use it or mis-use it at your own risk.
It contains a list of the campsites and portages located within the park and provides a description of each campsite and portage.
(Or at least it will eventually.)
I hope that this will help you decide on which campsites to aim for at the end of a long day.
Please note that  you can not reserve a specific campsite in the back-country of Killarney Park though.
It also has portage descriptions so that you will have some idea, in advance, of the
pain and agony you will have to face and will assist you in planning your days.
If you have any information on any campsite, please e-mail it to me. If you could give it to me in a standard format
with rankings from A (very good) to E (terrible) on site privacy, view and swimming quality as well as an overall ranking I would appreciate it.
There is also room for some brief comments on each site. Please send those as well.
Here is a link to the campsite list.
Here is a link to the portage list.
Thank you and send me those e-mails at killarneycamping@gmail.com
When you e-mail me, please put Killarney in the subject line so I can distinguish your e-mail from the oh so enticing invitations to
purchase products to imcrease the size of my manhood.
Finally, I have a links page. On this I will list some of my favourite internet links as well as links to business that would be of interest to
those of you going to Killarney Provincial Park (outfitters etc.) If you spend money at one of those businesses, please let them know you
heard about them through this site.
P.S. Yeah, I know this site is ugly. I wanted to get it started. I will make it prettier and more functional and useful later.