Computer Scientist at Stanford Research Institute

Address: 201 Washington Rd W350, Princeton, NJ, 08540. 
Contact : kilho (dot) son (at) sri (dot) com

Research Interests

    - Communication with Computers
    - Machine Learning 
      (Modeling Relational Information among Objects, Graphical Models, and Deep Neural Network Learning)
    - Reconstruction and Recognition of 3D Scenes
    - Computational Puzzle Solvers and Their Applications


"Solving Small-piece Jigsaw Puzzles by Growing Consensus"
Kilho Son, Daniel Moreno, James Hays  
David B. Cooper
CVPR 2016

"Learning to Remove Multipath Distortions in Time-of-Flight Range Images for a Robotic Arm Setup"
Kilho Son, Ming-Yu Liu, Yuichi Taguchi
ICRA 2016, arXiv 2016
Paper, Project

"Neuron Image Analyzer: Automated and Accurate Extraction of Neuronal Data from Low Quality Images"
Kilho Son, Kwang-Min Kim, G. Tayhas R. Palmore
Nature Scientific Reports 2015
Paper, Brown News, Project

"Embedded Phase Shifting: Robust Phase Shifting with Embedded Signals"
Daniel Moreno, Kilho Son, Gabriel Taubin
CVPR 2015
Paper, Project

"Solving Square Jigsaw Puzzles with Loop Constraints"
Kilho Son, James Hays, David B. Cooper
ECCV 2014
Paper, Project

"Axially Symmetric 3D Pots Configuration System using Axis of Symmetry and Break Curve"
Kilho Son, Eduardo B. Almeida, David B. Cooper
CVPR 2013
Paper, Project

"UAV global pose estimation by matching forward-looking aerial images with satellite images"
Kilho Son, Youngbae Hwang, In So Kweon
IROS 2009

"Vision-based UAV Navigation in Mountain Area"
Jihwan Woo, Kilho Son, Teng Li, 
Gwansung Kim, In So Kweon
MVA 2007

"Automatic 3D Urban Modeling From Satellite Image"
Kilho Son, Jihwan Woo, In So Kweon
ICAR 2007