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- Minus number in unspecified contacts

Unspecified Contacts(-x) is displayed in case of

1. Contacts were joined with others contacts in different groups (in your mobile or gmail site).
2. Contacts (were assigned in a group) are moved into a new group (with Add group).
-   It will work well when
    contacts in unspecifed contacts group are moved into a new group.
    contacts in a group are moved into a old group that is on Google web site.
3. Contacts were assigned in another groups.

It's displayed because Google mail contacts (on the Google web) can't assign groups before the groups are made.

To do sync correctly

1. Click "Unspecified Contacts".
2. Find contacts (label will be displayed, "in more than two groups")
3. Re-assign contacts into groups with "move menu" or "Separate" from your "Default contacts App"


1. Please, Just ignore it. :D


1. Check on "Correct number" (Option -> Display -> Usspecified Contacts -> "Correct number") Since V.