Android Groupy(Groupy for Android, Phonebook) manages your contacts by groups.

Add, Edit, delete group and Move, Copy, Select contacts work with menu button on your phone.
SMS, MMS, Ringtone, setting and others work with long(press and hold) or short click on groups and contacts.

If you are beginner using android phone,
Please, Googling about "android google sync" first before asinging groups for your contacts.

There is a Document about Google sync as well in "Files" on this homepage.

Contacts can be disappeared by "google sync" from your phone evenif you use other Apps.

DOWNLOAD : Google market

supports the following.

- Google contact sync
- Call
- Call Log
- Group SMS/MMS (SMS : Tested 150 contacts at once)
- Group mail
- Group ringtone (with basic ringtone and music file(ex.mp3))
- Voice search
- Various search option (name, phone, work, group)
- Set Background with your wallpaper
- Sort by Last name first
- Multi-accounts
- Shortcut of Group and Contact