03.Alirmer (Gmail)

Alirmer (set different notification ringtone for Gmail by groups and contacts)

Alirmer help you to set different notification ringtone for Gmail by groups and contacts.

Alirmer check sender's Email Address in inbox and play ringtone you set.
So, please don't check on "Skip the inbox" on Gmail filters setting If you use filters.

Default Gmail (All Apps and Alirmer as well) app can't notify basically if you have unread mail and you get a mail of same subject with unread mail from same sender.

Please, Set "Account and Default Gmail ringtone" at least to use it.
Or "Account and a Gmail ringtone for contacts or groups".

To use your custom notification ringtones,
put them into your /sdcard/media/audio/notifications.
(or You can use an App called "Ringdroid")

Support the following
- Multiple accounts (You can choose accounts)
- Different notification ringtone for Gmail
- Repeat for unread Gmail
 (The last Gmail ringtone is repeated and It plays ringtone in (about) every interval mins for duration))
- Start by itself when you turn off and on

1. Alirmer works on sound mode. (not silent and vibrate mode)
- You can hear what you set clicking groups and contacts.
- If you can't hear, Please check your mode and ringtone volume.

2. Please set the "Default Gmail ringtone" first. Default is "silent".
- If you set Gmail tone for contacts, groups and default, name of ringtone you set will be shown.
- If you don't set Gmail tone for contacts, It will search Gmail tone and play for groups that the contacs are belong.
- If you don't set Gmail tone for contacts and groups, It will play "Default Gmail ringtone".

3. Please change default and other App's Gmail's sound to 'Silent' if you use default and other Gmail Apps.
- If you don't change, the Gmail tone will be played together.
-   Default Gmail app can set different ringtone by accounts, so please change ringtone of accounts(you want to use) to 'Silent', if you have multiple account,

4. Please put Alirmer ingore lists if you use kind of auto task killer Apps.

5. Alirmer will notify you for Gmail with system default notication ringtone when Alirmer can't find ringtone files.

6. Priority is 1. contacts 2. group 3. default.
- If you have same Email address in two contacts.
  Alirmer will choose a ringtone order by displayed contact name.
- If you have same contact in two groups
  Alirmer will choose a ringtone order by displayed group title.

7. When you start Alirmer, a message "Alirmer service is started" will be shown.
- the message will be shown about 2 secs and disappear in Free version.
- the message will be shown on status bar and Icon will be remain if you use paid version and checked on Icon option.

8. To use repeat function
- Please set up time(minutes). Alirmer will notify unread SMS for duration(mins) in every interval(mins) if you have unread SMS.
- Please check off "start Alirmer" to set duration and interval. You can't set up them while Alirmer is running.

(For example)

* All Gmail will notify you by default ringtone if you set default ringtone only.

* Alirmer will notify you by ringtones that you set for your groups. And other Gmail will be notified with default ringtone if you set ringtone for groups and default.

* If you want to set a ringtone 'A' for a friend, set ringtone 'B' for your other contacts and 'silent' for unregisted Email address in your phone,
set ringtone A for the friend, B for all groups and 'silent' for default.