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- Multiple Game Modes: In addition to the standard DotA PvP mode, there will be modes such as Capture the Flag, Dominion, Free-for-All, and others.
(Clearly, it won't be called Dominion. Free-for-All may have another name, too. It's just easier for people who've played said game modes to visualize it.)

- User Generated Content: Porgrams will be availible for the creation of Items, Heroes, and Maps, to be submitted to the design team for inspection.
(I know Heroes of Newerth have something like this. Sometimes, they even use player created heroes, which is pretty cool. I don't like the game itself, but I have to appreciate S2 for being player oriented.)

- 'Specialities': At level 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20, 25, and 30, players are awarded a point to spend on Specialities, which improve the stats and abilities of their hero. This allows players to have more customization, and can tailor the hero to suit their playstyle.
(It isn't perfect. Specialities, that is. But to me, it's a lot better than a bunch of talent trees.)

UPDATE: Seems like Blizzard's new "Mists of Pandaria" talent trees resemble my 'Specialities' idea. I'd just like to say that I didn't take that idea, it was MINE. I thought of it before I knew they did, damnit.

UPDATE SECONDUS: This used to be for every hero, but it didn't take me long to figure out that a whole talent tree for each seperate hero was insane. So now, it's just for the player, like it is for League of Legends. A talent tree for each hero is abitious, but it's a lot harder to design with that kind of talent system in mind.

- Living Maps: Some maps will feature terrain or an object or objects that changes, giving the map a more dynamic feel than a static one.
(Not all maps will have this, because some players will no doubt find it annoying. I'm talking about lava flows, 'lightning rails' from D&D, earthquakes, perhaps even lanes turning on and off.)