Dialectical Behavior Therapy  (DBT)

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Resources for DBT 

 BehavioralTech's DBT Database 

Find a DBT trained therapist

 ISITDBT: International Society for the Improvement & Teaching of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

 TARA's "Guidelines for Choosing a DBT Therapist"

Online Resource: DBT Self-Help

Overview Articles

DBT in Nutshell by Dr. Marsha Linehan

DBT - Family Skills Training by Perry D. Hoffman, Ph.D, Alan E. Fruzetti and Charles R. Swenson, MD

 News Articles

  Toughness and Caring, a Novel Therapy Helps Tortured Souls
by Benedict Carey, New York Times

So Far, Holding Up Under Scrutiny
by Benedict Carey, New York Times


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