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Back From the Edge: Living with and Recovering From Borderline Personality Disorder

A 45 minute documentary-syle educational film produced by the award-winning Lichtenstein Creative Media for the Borderline Personality Resource Center.  Excellent introduction to BPD for consumers, family, clinicians and general public.

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Review by Jim Breiling, of NIMH 

     "At the center of this professionally done, engaging and instructive video are three consumers – two women and a man, each identified by their real name -- whose accounts of their experiences of borderline personality disorder are expanded upon by five of the leaders in the field – Wayne Fenton, John Gunderson, Perry Hoffman, Otto Kernberg and Marsha Linehan.  I learned from the video, and if my family is a good guide, others also will learn a lot about borderline personality disorder."    


Borderline Personality Disorder: What you Should Know (WNYC's Leonard Lopate Show)

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 Review by Jim Breiling, NIMH

"This piece was notable for a length --  18 minutes minus with only several brief interruptions, that enabled a reasonably thorough introduction to the disorder; the solid preparation of Leonard Lopate, who raised good questions and nicely worked in communications from several listeners, and who skillfully orchestrated the piece; and the clear, concise, engaging and informative contributions of two women, Christina Knight and Kiera Van Gelder, who courageously came forth to talk about their experience with this highly stigmatized disorder (they can be seen as well as heard in the BPD Resource Center’s DVD, “Back from the Edge” ) and the articulate and well-founded complementary contributions of Dr. Frank Yeomans."  

Borderline Personality Disorder:  The Infinite Mind Radio Show

This hour long show features Dr. Marsha Linehan and Valerie Porr, and addresses the symptoms of BPD, why it is so frustrating for therapists to treat it, and how DBT can help