Welcome to my attempt at a website that showcases the genealogy work that I and other family members have done over the past years. The goal is to make the information available to the family and perhaps discover new family members

January 8, 2014
This is a photo of the church in Redruth Cornwall where the first Medlin I have found ended up before emigrating to America in time to die in Granville North Carolina in 1700 (or so).

These are the kinds of things that make me happy when I find them and give me an insight into the lives they may have lived and what that life may have looked like. 

I am hoping to figure out how to add pages so I can share genealogy media and family trees in group sheets.  Be patient please -the instructions for these web pages assume a level of competence I don't think I posses yet - but I will!  :)

This is the bridge over the Medveditsa River on the road into Frank, Russia.  This is the area the Kiehn and Frick Families immigrated from in the early 1900's.  They were called the Volga Germans and they had moved en masse to Russia during the time of Catherine the Great and a huge number of them moved out of Russia in the 30 to 40 years before the Revolution.  They moved - some to Canada, some to South America and many to the United States.  There are high concentrations of these Volga Germans in the Dakotas, Kansas and Nebraska, Eastern Colorado and Eastern Washington state, in short anywhere they could grow wheat or sugar beets or both! 

February 7, 2014

I have realized that although the website format is awesome for adding things like census reports, cemetery pictures, lists and access information, I needed to keep the front page a little simpler and a little more static to keep it easy and fast.  It also seemed to me that I would like to have more interaction capabilities with anyone who comes here and has questions or input.  To accomplish both of these goals I have started a blog that will let me post the history and photos and little stories that I have found, update readers on  progress of projects and hopefully elicit comments and allow interchange of information and ideas.  The goal of course is to share with known family and to maybe find some new family members!  The new blog is named "The Kiehn Edges and Rustic Gates Blog" (not because I can't remember but for continuity...really!)  This website will be the home for the records, cemetery information, census reports and Gedcom charts and photo albums. 

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