I was born and raised as a Minnesota girl and am the baby of a big, crazy family. Being around many people for as long as I can remember has forced me to be pretty outgoing and adventurous. Thanks to my parents, I love to travel the world and still have many more places to see. My parents were both very supportive when my interest in meteorology sparked at a young age. I was in fourth grade when I was obsessed with thunderstorm clouds but I absolutely hated math and science. My dad told me that I had to do well in those classes if I wanted to study clouds, so I almost forced myself to enjoy them.

By the time I decided on college, I was fully prepared for the Atmospheric Science program at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. I got through the program in four quick years and found an interest in air pollution and boundary layer meteorology. As I was arranging for my first year of work after school, my professors talked me into continuing my education. The small meteorology department here at SJSU sounded like a fit for me because it is similar to the small department in Milwaukee. So here I am and we'll have to just wait and see how it goes. I am currently enjoying my work on Fire Meteorology with Professor Clements. As for my plans after SJSU, I'm still uncertain. If I decide to work towards a Ph. D. or find a career, I would like to stay in Northern CA.

I have actually had a great summer exploring the Bay Area. I love the many nearby mountain ranges for hiking, there are great vineyards with wine tasting all over, and there are festivals and activities almost every weekend. Once the snow starts, I'll have to get up to Tahoe for some skiing. I just can't find enough time to fit it all in because there is so much to do out here!