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Stocking your library

posted Jul 9, 2016, 8:40 AM by Jim Windisch   [ updated Nov 5, 2016, 11:07 AM ]
Stock your library with multiple copies of as many nominated books as you can. When kids read the same book at the same time, spontaneous book conversations start happening. If your classroom budget doesn't support it, consider getting creative to fund it. 

Giving Tree tag
My school has had success putting up a "Giving Tree" during events when parents visit the school. The idea is to display tags (usually apple shaped) outside your classroom. Each tag has the name of an item you would like donated to your classroom. Asking for specific books is often successful for me; families buy the book, read it themselves, then donate it to the classroom.

Crowdfunding for classrooms is becoming increasingly popular. Both Donors Choose and PledgeCents are platforms built specifically for funding classroom needs. If you submit a project to one of those sites, make sure to highlight how the Idaho Book Award will give your students new opportunities to connect about the books they read.