In 2007, a group of first time moms began getting together for coffee, and we wanted a way to maintain our connection throughout the rest of the week and plan get-togethers, share resources and neighborhood info. So we began an email chain. Soon others were interested in getting on that email list and so we started the Google Group. We are now a group of over 150 South Philadelphia-based families, mostly with kids under the age of 10. We aim to be an accessible, tolerant and friendly group who are always reaching out and inviting new parents or families new to the neighborhood to get to know other families and find out about community happenings.  This blog is our way to bring all of our public information and favorite links together into one place. Here you will find links to
  • Activity calendar - find out about stuff that is happening - playgroups, activities, events, etc..
  • Announcements - another way to talk about stuff that is happening
  • Links to local and neighborhood parenting and other resources
  • Resources This is where we will put documents and lists that our parents have created to help others
Please note that much of what we do and discuss is still done over a closed Google Groups email list. That list is ONLY for parents and is aimed at those within Passyunk Square and the surrounding neighborhoods of South Philadelphia. 


How do I get on the closed email list?

  • To be added to our discussion group, you can ask a current member to invite you using the Google Groups forum
  • If you do not know a current member who can send you an invitation, send an email to us at southphillykids@gmail.com with the following information:
    • Your full name
    • Names of your kids and ages
    • Your full mailing address
    • The Email address you wish to use
    • How you found out about group & Why interested in joining

  • Other info on the list
    • You must be a parent or expecting parent to be on the email list. Member consensus is that no caregivers, business owners, neighbors without kids, etc. may join or be added to the list.
    • You must be referred or invited to join by another current KSOW member (email our moderator if you do not know someone who is a current list member)
    • Practice tolerance: We ask that if you join our list, you stay away from taking positions or engaging in arguments over our list. We are a group who are open to all types of parents, parenting styles and life choices, and this group is solely about creating community for new and young parents of our neighborhoods — not berating or alienating others or making anyone feel bad for their choices. If you violate this request and/or start controversy or use foul language or offend existing members, we will not hesitate to remove you at once or moderate your posts.
    • Limit personal Advertising: We also ask that if parent-business owners advertise events, specials or activities that will directly benefit their business, they do so once or twice and not constantly. This list does not exist for the purposes of advertising, and any member who sells names or becomes a very frequent advertiser on this list will be moderated or removed.