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This site has been set up to provide great tips on web-site building using Google Sites. You will be able to create sites and banners from scratch. You can learn how to add images, tables, sound, video and much more. This online session will also demonstrate how to create a Google Form and then embed it on your website. Google Sites are a great way to communicate with your students, parents and staff. Make your students' lives easier by having a site they can go for resources so they can be successful in your classroom. Provide communication opportunities for parents who might want to know what their kids are doing. I have my 6-8th grade students create Google sites. It is a great opportunity for them to learn about design and web site building. My eighth graders get to create sites about an imaginary country, museum or business. Those sites have Animoto videos, home made videos, thoughtfully cropped images, creative write-ups and much more.  My 6th and 7th graders make a
one page website about a creature they create on SwitchZoo. They add audio stories and a creative writing piece. You can have your students collaborate as a class on a unit where everyone can positively contribute information and ideas. To get started, go to the Agenda page.

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