*Minecraft Education: This is the main site of Minecraft in Education.

Ars Technica: This article discusses how plans need to be laid out and students need to follow guidelines in order for Minecraft to be an success in the classroom.

Edutopia: Edutopia gives some great ideas for using Minecraft in the classroom.

The Escapist: This article discusses how a computer teacher uses Minecraft as part of his curriculum. There is an interesting video showing the teacher instruct in class.

Gamespot: Gamespot has a great article explaining why Minecraft could be a valuable tool in the classroom.

How to Use Minecraft in Education: This site has an interview and podcast discussing the use of Minecraft in the classroom.

Learn, Teach, Repeat: This teacher wrote a blog after I asked for feedback from teachers to help submit questions about Minecraft in the classroom. Thanks Joe!

Minecraft at NCS: This teacher provides troubleshooting for users and gives ideas on how to run Minecraft more smoothly in the classroom.

Minecraft Across the Curriculum: This site will give ideas language arts, drama, music, visual arts, science, geography and history.

Minecraft Possibilities: This teacher provides some depth about plugins necessary to run Minecraft. Thanks John!

MindShift: This is another great article emphasizing how teachers use Minecraft for educational purposes.

Minecraft Wiki: This is a helpful guide for using Minecraft in the classroom for educational purposes.

Mojang and UN: This site discusses how Minecraft is used to plan communities.

Mr. Miller's Classroom: Minecrafting a Medieval Village

Primary Minecraft: This site was set up by an elementary teacher and a Minecraft fan to provide ideas for primary grades.

Swedish School: A Swedish school has made a class in Minecraft mandatory. They mention the following lessons learned: City planning; environmental issues; planning for the future; interactivity; safe online habits; computer skills.