This is where students will come to experiment with various iPad Apps. Once they see how the Apps are used, they will experiment with them and then come up with ideas on how teachers can use them in the classroom. Students will also bring up Apps they are familiar with or learn about so that we can learn together and they can be a part of a group that contributes to the world. The icons below will take you to a page that has a demonstration of how the App works and then the students can provide feedback about that App. Their feedback will be provided on a feedback page on this site so you can see what students are saying.

Action FX
 QR Reader
 Paper by 53
 iPrompt iTranslate
 Survey  Survey  Survey Survey  Survey  Survey Survey
 Ideas  Ideas  Ideas Ideas
 Ideas  Ideas  Ideas
     !  Educreations  Dragon  Dropbox Puppet Pals
 Videolicious Aurasma
 Survey  Survey  Survey  Survey  Survey  Survey  Survey
 Ideas  Ideas  Ideas  Ideas  Ideas  Ideas  Ideas
EduClipper  Duolingo  Voicethread  Bitsboard  Book Creator  iBooks  Showbie
Book Creator
 Survey  Survey  Survey  Survey  Survey  Survey Survey
 Ideas  Ideas  Ideas  Ideas  Ideas  Ideas Ideas
Adobe Voice