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Welcome to Online Pediatric Nephrology Clinic in English

Why internet clinic is more useful?

1. Easy accessibility and communication with the doctor
2. You do not need to book or wait in doctor's clinic or office
3. You are able to send your reports, documents, scans instantly
4. You are able to send patient's pictures or video during illness progress
5. Patient’s completed and secured file can be accessible within seconds
6. Patient's file is stored securely. No one except you and me can access it
7. Patient's file can be accessed by third party on your request
8. Laboratory results can be sent to us in a soft copy format directly.
9. Radiology images and reports can be sent to us in a soft copy directly.
10. Telemedicine service to communicate with the patient and or doctors
11. Telemedicine service for multidisciplinary team meeting and discussion
12. Form for communication and support for patients with the same illness
13. Get your prescription and or report faster 
14. Medical education full facility for the child and family
15. Medical education service for kidney in health and in different diseases


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