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The idea of this site started in 1992 to help children with kidney disease and their families.
The technology development make it live by 2010. This web clinic is founded and designed by Dr Elbaba M.; a pediatric nephrologist with extensive experience and worldwide qualifications.
It is an online service mainly for patients, caregivers and physicians who are looking for highly specialized pediatric nephrology service. Those services include advice, consultation, follow up,  support and management.

Online service is more integrated and easily accessible from any spot in the world. Modern technology now helps any child, caregiver of physician from any country to get a wide varieties of support instantly at his home, clinic or health care institute.  
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This piece of work is gifted to the soul of Mohamed Abdullah; my patient in the place I started my career; pediatric nephrology department of Ain Shams University Hospital in Egypt. He started hemodialysis for more than 15 years ago. His challenging power made him reached to the post of medical secretary of the department and a higher education level with post graduate qualification. Unfortunately, he died last year shortly after kidney transplantation. Really, we lost him and his great efforts that definitely added to our department.


In Egypt, I and my four colleagues in pediatic nephrologist held the first pediatric nephrology private center in January 2002 "PNSC" This service ran for two years but, we close it because of logistic issue .


Then, I traveled outside Egypt and worked to promote myself. I worked in many countries and exposed to many experiences. I worked in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Bahrain, UAE and Qatar.  

Finally, I decided to inaugurate this service in a new format to extend the service and make it more organized and useful. This new International Online Pediatric Nephrology Clinic "OPNC" has started in January 2015.

I always welcome your comment and feedback to refine and modify my work.
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Dr. Mostafa Elbaba
Pediatric Nephrologist