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Out of School Club Only

Mossfield Sure Start Children’s Centre

Mossfield Road, Swinton

Salford M27 6EH

Tel: 07928 834217


Manager :  Michelle Craig



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Background Information of Kids Kapers

KIDS’ KAPERS was established as a family business in 1997.    Carol qualified as a nurse and rose to the ranks of Senior Nurse Tutor prior to opening Kids’ Kapers and Dennis her husband had worked with special needs clients for 14 years, both in the NHS.  Carol passed away in 2012 and the running of the business passed to her daughters, Melanie and Angela Dyson.



Professional Child Care

We are registered with OFSTED under the provisions of the Children Act 1989 and the child - staff ratio more than complies with this Act.

The professional care philosophy is reflected in the comprehensive set of company policies that are vital in creating effective partnerships with parents and staff.

These policies are clear statements of how we deal with issues which tell not only management and staff about the way to work but tell you, the child’s parents, what we believe, what we do and help you to make informed choices for your child’s care.   This brochure outlines some of these, however, the full policy manual is available for you to read on site.   Please ask the manager.



Quality Standards

Kids’ Kapers will always aim to meet the highest standards of care by undertaking a ‘Best Practice’ philosophy.


A Professional Approach

·         All personnel have verified references taken prior to employment.

·         No member of staff has unsupervised access to children until they have obtained a DBS check.

·         All staff have undertaken training in their field and had an Induction Programme geared to their specific needs within the permitted timescales.

·         All staff undertake Health and Safety; Risk Assessment; Manual Handling and Food Hygiene Modules at Level 2 Grade and at least 4 additional days of updating training each year.

·         All child care staff will provide activities and learning experiences suitable for each child’s age and stage of development.

·         Staff will support and stimulate each child’s specific needs.

·         Staff build learning into everyday activities and support and complement what the child learns at home.




Working in Partnership with Parents and Carers

·         All staff know that parents are the most important people in a child’s life and recognise that parents know their child best.  This is why we ask you for personal information – the more we know of your child the better we can care for them.

·         Appropriate staff will exchange information with parents about their child on a daily basis.


Our Aims & Goals

Our primary goal is to ensure that we provide the highest quality childcare that is both accessible and affordable.   Our provision will ‘stand out’ by attention to detail in everything we do underpinned by our quality care.


Your child will be safe, loved and stimulated in a well-maintained and above all homely environment.   We will help your child develop their full potential through positive, social, emotional, physical and intellectual experiences by providing a stable, secure and relaxed environment.   We will always recognise values deriving from different backgrounds. 


Promotion of Children’s Learning and Development       

We at Kids’ Kapers will seek to meet the needs of each child through interactive play – they will not even realise that through play the staff shall be allowing each child to learn through fun and pleasurable activities by - 


·         encouraging language and communication with other children and adults

·         teaching about sharing and being part of a group

·         offering each child the most suitable stimuli for their stage of development

·         helping your child with the basic concepts of knowledge in all developmental areas  

·         providing a greater understanding of other parts of the world and different cultures from their own

·         teaching by example, to respect themselves and others

·         encouraging them to persevere without fearing being wrong

·         encouraging them to be kind and compassionate to others

·         encouraging them to control their emotions and to learn to express themselves appropriately

·         Staff support each child’s specific needs

·         Staff will support and complement what the child learns at home



All the staff at Kids’ Kapers have qualifications, however we do provide training for students under the watchful eye of our child care teams.  Whilst these students will be involved in the care and education of your child they will be fully supervised throughout their time with us, never left alone with a child and they will not be included in staffing numbers.


Working in Partnership with Parents and Carers

·         All the staff know that parents are the most important people in a child’s life and recognise that parents know their child best.  This is why we ask you for personal information – the more we know of your child the better we can care for them.

·         Key Worker staff will exchange information with parents about their child on a daily basis.


Your Child’s Progress

Your child will have a Key Person who will help your child to be physically and emotionally independent, whilst providing help and encouragement where appropriate.   She/he will encourage constructive relationships with siblings and other children to promote positive interaction.   Whilst caring for your child she/he will observe and evaluate his/her progress and implement appropriate activities to aid progress further, and will give parents regular feedback regarding their child’s day and progress, both in verbal and written form.   Your child will have their own Online learning journal, which you will be given access to via an email link. 


Equality Of Opportunity

Kids’ Kapers is committed to a policy of equal opportunities and no group will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of their gender, race, disabled status, special needs or family background.   The Centre will operate an Anti Bias approach. That is, boys will be encouraged to play traditional ‘girl’s games’ and girls will be encouraged to be physically active and use construction toys.   Kids’ Kapers is committed to a policy of equal opportunities and no group will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of their gender, race, disabled status, special needs or family background.

There is access to all areas of the building to any child with mobility problems or who needs wheelchair access.  


Special Needs Policy

We are aware that some children may have special needs and we are pro-active in ensuring that appropriate action can be taken when such a child is identified and admitted to the provision.   We take every step to promote the welfare and development of all children within our setting in partnership with parents and other relevant parties.   The physical environment within the centre is suitable for children (and staff) with any additional needs.   We always consider the individual needs of the child when they are registered, by, for example, finding out their likes and dislikes and their specific requirements.   We will endeavour to offer each child suitable care whilst in our care.   Should a request be made for the admission of a child with special needs, an assessment of the facilities’ suitability will be made by the child, parent/carer, inclusive play care officer of the local EYDCP and other agencies involved in the care and education of the child.   It may also be useful if equipment used in the home or school could be brought into the centre to be used in the assessment process.


Kids’ Kapers is committed to becoming a barrier free environment and will take every measure within its power to ensure that disability does not affect the progress of any child (or student or member of staff)




Staffing Philosophy

Our staff are selected very carefully.   They are employed not only for their qualifications and experience but for their love of children.   All our staff have qualifications, are qualified in First Aid for children as well as adults, have Health and Safety Training and Food Safety, Manual Handling and Risk Assessment at Level 2.    The staff have written into their contracts that they must attend at least four days study per year to keep themselves up to date with new initiatives.   We understand that continuity of care for the children is paramount and for that reason we are totally committed to promoting staff loyalty   We remember and celebrate staff birthdays and any significant event in their lives as they are important to us.   Your child will be cared for by a team so that during staff holidays your child is still cared for by people they know and by people who know your child.   There is nothing worse for a child’s development and well-being to experience constantly changing faces due to staff turnover.


At Kids’ Kapers, it is our policy to operate at more than the statutory minimum of staff ratios, as defined by Ofsted, at all times.   Staff who have not been checked through the CRB system will not be left alone with the children or work unsupervised.   We do not employ ‘Agency’ Staff.


What Parents Need To Bring

We ask you to provide sun cream at Factor 50.   This will be labelled with your child’s name and used by your child only.


We ask you to bring in changes of clothes in case the ones worn get wet through water and muddy play. Please make sure these are clearly labelled with your child’s name.   This will ensure that your child’s home clothes or school uniform stays clean.

Sun hat in the summer and hat, gloves, scarf and wellies in the winter.    Even if it is cold we will still be going out on trips, nature walks and out to play in the garden. Please make sure that these are clearly labelled with your child’s name. An old T-shirt would be great for any art and craft activities, as children do tend to get very messy. We will be using aprons during these activities but cannot guarantee your child’s clothes staying clean throughout the day.

We ask parents not to use plastic bags for their children’s belongings, as a safety precaution.   

Settling In Your Child

Whilst our Centre is a warm welcoming place it can be a daunting experience for a child who has never been before.   To this end we have a protocol which will integrate your child with as much ease as possible.


The Sick Child

A sick child brought into the centres may put other children at risk, and deprive the sick child of the rest he/she needs.

Kids’ Kapers would like the co-operation of parents in ensuring that sick children are kept at home.   However, a child on antibiotics or other medicines may attend if the child is well and we will administer these once a daily medicine request form has been completed.   Please note – under Ofsted rules we can only administer prescribed medicines not medicines bought by yourselves.


Accidents & Emergency Situations

Kids’ Kapers fully accepts their responsibility to the safety & welfare of children in their care so far as is reasonably practicable.   Policies regarding the safe environment, safe equipment and safe caring practices are in force.   Inevitably active children will sometimes need first aid.   All the staff at Kids’ Kapers hold a Paediatric First Aid.


Visits & Trips Out

Children learn much from their environment.   It is part of a child’s education to encourage the child to go outside of the Centre setting.   Visits will be made frequently to local areas.  Parents will be informed of any arrangement to go further a field prior to the event.   Only registered vehicles with safety harnesses and belts and correct seating are used for trips out.


Safe Guarding

The Children Act (1989) aims to strike a balance between the rights of children and their parents, family responsibility, professional intervention and protection of the child.   A child often places considerable trust in her Key Person and in her the child often confides.   These Key Persons are in a position to support the child and family in a sensitive manner.

We take safety and security seriously and therefore use keypads and a telephone system to ensure that unauthorised people do not enter the building.   Please also be aware that we always ask for identification from all visitors.   Only recognised adults can pick up children in our care.   The child must be collected by their parents or an adult authorised by their parents.   Siblings under the age of sixteen are not allowed to collect children.  


Behaviour Management

The purpose of behaviour management is to establish an acceptable ‘mid-point’ of a child’s behaviour - encouraging the child’s goals whilst setting boundaries and discouraging unwanted actions.   A child’s good behaviour shall be achieved by promoting positive behaviour, providing love and care, fostering a feeling of security and promoting a good self image., and by providing fun and educational resources.




The fees include meals (as appropriate to the child’s stay) and a four weekly menu is adhered to allowing parents to discuss individual preferences and dietary needs.   A vegetarian option is available.   The meals are prepared from fresh ingredients and cooked by Kids’ Kapers own Chefs.


We believe that eating healthily is extremely important in the development of all children.   We recognise that children should be able to enjoy food as well as learn good behaviours for the future.   We acknowledge that sugary foods and drinks, fatty foods or foods containing additives are almost unavoidable in the modern diet.   However, we have tried our best to minimise these influences and encourage the enjoyment of a wide range of ‘good’ foods, encouraging them to try new things including foods from other cultures.   Meals will be freshly prepared each day.   Menus for a four week period will be posted on the parent’s notice board.


Financial Support For Parents

Parents can only claim the childcare element of the Working Tax Credit or employer-supported childcare vouchers, if they use qualifying provision like ourselves.   You can apply to access this financial support, and you may qualify for 70% of your childcare fees being paid to you if your child is at Kids’ Kapers.   We accept all child care vouchers.

We operate a budget scheme for parents of children who attend the after school club and the holiday club to spread the cost through the year.


Parents’ Concerns

If any parent has a concern, no matter how small, it is important to yourself and us that the matter be dealt with immediately, in the first instance with the child’s Key Person and with the Manager with a view to resolution of the problem.


If a parent are still unhappy with the support and actions of any of the centres and wish to take the matter further, they should contact the OFSTED Complaints and Enforcement Department on 0845 601 4772 or address their complaint in writing to Early Years, OFSTED, 3rd Floor, Royal Exchange Buildings, St Ann’s Square, Manchester, M2 7LA


Centre Staff Concerns

If we have concerns over the development of your child we will discuss these with you on an informal basis.   We would hope that together we can identify the appropriate help that may be needed.   We can provide a fuller assessment by contacting your doctor or health visitor or other agencies.



We only employ qualified staff at a minimum of Level 2 status, however, it is a requirement that these staff continue their training to level 3

We have a qualified teacher working with our Pre-School Children.

All staff have to be fully conversant with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and all have attended the relevant courses.


Opening Times


The Kearsley Centre opens at 7.30am and closes at 6pm.    We provide childcare from 6 weeks old up to 12 year old (Nursery & Out of School Club) at Kearsley.  

We provide an Out of School Club at Swinton 7.30am - 9am and 3pm - 5.45pm (Termtime) and 7.30am - 5.45pm in the School Holidays


The Centres all comply with all the Rules regarding the type of equipment used and will be regularly inspected by Health and Safety and Environmental Health Officers. The Centres are also registered with Ofsted for Child Care. We also have Full Indemnity Insurance Cover. 

The physical development facilities are mostly provided outside. However, we do dancing and Artie’s Olympic sessions through the British Heart Foundation combined with healthy eating programmes. 
If you have any concerns about your child using any of our facilities or any proposed outing activity we would be more than willing to discuss these with you.