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J.B.’s NYC Adventure

Live the adventure.
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     G r a n d m a    J a c k i e ’ s   P a r a d i s e 
  Rain was falling hard out of a black sky when Jake’s feet hit the sidewalk in front of his Grandmother’s apartment on West 56th street on the gritty
 island of Manhattan in New York City.
        Grandma Jackie was a balding artist of moderate fame and modest fortune. Her two bedroom paradise was jammed packed with the storey of her life. It reeked of paint thinner, old cats, and stale cigars.

      "I’ve got a bed all ready for you," Grandma Jackie said as she directed them to a musty tattered sofa bed in the living room.

      "Make yourselves at home. Ginger & Spice won’t mind sharing," Grandma Jackie explained as she carefully lifted her ancient black cat Ginger and her slightly less ancient white cat Spice up on to the cat haired covered sofa bed.

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