What are we doing this week at Camp Hideout? (Week 10)

Welcome to Crusin' the Coast - Week 10!!

Hours of Operation:
We open at 7:30 and close at 6. (MTWThF) If you arrive before 7:30, please wait with your child until the timer goes off indicating that we are open.  The staff may be present, but they are not on the clock until 7:30. This is their personal time to eat, prep for the day or check emails.  We unlock the door early so families do not have to wait outside, so please respect the opening time and stay with your child until 7:30!  Thank you for your cooperation.

Please contact the Hideout Cell if you have any questions!  925-282-0903.  The phone will be taken on all field trips, too, so you can access the staff when we are away from Hideout.

Please bring the following each day (we will have some kind of water play on all hot days!):
- lunch on Monday & Thursday (We are serving camper-prepared lunch on Tuesday as part of the Tasty Tuesday.  If your child will not eat what we are serving, please send a lunch. We are also proving pizza on Wednesday as part of our end-of-summer field trip/party!)
- swim clothes/change of dry clothes/water shoes or flip flops
- towel
- sunscreen (to leave at Hideout in campers cubbie with name on it)
- optional: personal items from home, including electronic items ("screen time" will be limited to 3 -30 minute periods. 8:30 - 9, 12:30 - 1, 4:30 - 5). No personal items/games of violent nature, thanks!

NOTE:  Please send & leave a change of clothes (or bathing suit), water bottle, water shoes or flip flops & towel as we may have random water play any day!!

- You may drive up the hill if the gate is open, but YOU MUST DRIVE SLOWLY!! Please do not drive faster than 5 MPH! (Yes, this is PAINFULLY slow - but it could save a life, and its better than having to walk from the parking lot below!!)  If you exceed this speed, you will be given a warning.  After a second occurrence, you will be asked to park at the bottom of the hill and walk your child up for the remainder of the summer.
- Please DO NOT open the gate if it is pushed closed, even if it is unlocked.
- If kids are on the yard, please park in front of the GREEN BALL WALL
- Please bring your electronics CHARGED - we will not be charging at Hideout
- Please send lunches that are ready to eat (ones that DO NOT need to be heated up or cut up, please).  We will not be heating food.
- Please apply sunscreen before your bring your child and bring sun protection (hats and long sleeves) to keep your children protected.  Staff will not be applying sunscreen due to new licensing regulations.

Daily activities this week:
Monday - Mad Scientist Monday 
Tuesday - Tasty Tuesday (no lunch necessary)
Main/Side Dish "Breakfast for Lunch" : French Toast Muffins & Bacon
Smoothie: Root beer (or Orange) Floats
Dessert: Beach Scene Jello Cups
Wednesday - Field trip Water Slide Bouncer -  Pizza Lunch included!!
Thursday - Thinktastic Thursday - we will be "visiting" other states along Route 66,  participating in physical and thinking challenges and offering a Lego class weekly as part of your camp fees.
Friday - CLOSED

NOTE:  If your child has internet access/access to data on his/her electronic device, it must be put into AIRPLANE MODE while at Hideout. NO CHILD may be surfing the internet in any way or texting/talking to anyone while at Hideout.  If YOU need to reach your child while s/he is in our care, please call the Hideout number (925-282-0903). We will remind the kids to make sure their devices are in airplane mode, but we will also be doing random checks.  If your child takes the device out of airplane mode and is accessing the internet/texting/talking on phone, we will confiscate the device for the day, and will return it to a parent/guardian at pick up.  If it happens a second time, the device will be confiscated again and the child will not be allowed to bring it back for the remainder of summer.  Thank you for your support as we are navigating the waters of this internet age with our young kids!

Please feel free to contact Hideout if you have any questions! 283-7808 land line, 925-282-0903 Hideout Cell.

:) beth
925.283.7808 Hideout
925-282-0903 Hideout Cell
925.482.7956 Beth's Cell