October Camp Day

Springhill will be closed on Monday, October 14, 2018 for a staff development day.

Hideout will remain open from 7:30 AM to 6 PM.  You must sign up if you need care. Registration will be accepted on a first come-first serve basis. Space is limited. Rates for extended care can be found below. You will receive an email confirmation letting you know if we have space. Once you receive the confirmation, fees will be added to your invoice and your spot will be reserved. If you have a credit card on file, your fees for this day will be processed after you receive confirmation. Please remember that Hideout has a no-refund policy.

Registration is due by Friday, October 4th in order to avoid the $5 late fee. Thanks!

We will serve an optional Hot Lunch for $5.  You can sign up for lunch below. (Boboli Pizza, Fruit & Garlic Bread, Milk.)

If you need to register another child, please select "submit another response" once you reach the confirmation page.

NOTE:  If this is your regular day, your child can attend his/her regular scheduled hours at no additional cost. (For example, if your child normally attends Monday from 2:42 to 4:30 pm, you can bring him at that time for no charge.)  The fees listed below are for the additional time that you will need Hideout care when your child would normally be in school at Springhill.

Thanks!  Beth

925-283-7808 Hideout Landline
925-282-0903 Hideout Cell


Rates for Contracted Days:
(Kinders use 4.5 additional hours, while 1st - 5th graders use 6 additional hours - on your regular day)
 Grade 1st Child
 2nd Child
 1st - 5th

Rates for Non-Contracted Days (K thru 5th):
(Use these rates if you have a contracted weekly schedule, but Monday is not your normal day)
 1st Child2nd Child
 4 hours (between 9 and 4) $34.00 $30.60
 7 hours (9 to 4) $59.50 $53.55
 10 hours $85.00 $76.50

Rates for Drop-in:
(Use these rates if you do not have a regular contracted weekly schedule at Hideout)

 Hours 1st Child 2nd Child
 4 hours (between 9 and 4) $48.00$43.20
 7 hours (9 to 4) $84.00 $75.60
 10 hours $120.00  $108.00

October 14th - Camp Day